Shia LaBeouf Charged With Petty Theft Following Summer Altercation

Shia in Peanut Butter Falcon

Actor Shia LaBeouf has been in the public eye since childhood. The 34 year-old actor started as child star, before eventually establishing himself as an accomplished movie star and filmmaker. He's also been at the heart of some controversy, most recently from a physical altercation that happened over the summer. And now he's been formerly charged as a result, specifically petty theft.

While Shia LaBeouf has largely overcome his public struggles, the past summer saw him make headlines over a fight he had with a man in LA County. It's a confrontation that got physical, and LaBeouf ended up taking the man's hat in the process. And as a result, he's just been charged with petty theft and battery.

This report comes to us from Page Six, and shows how Shia LaBeouf's brief physical confrontation months ago is playing out legally. While the actor has mostly been making headlines over his film projects like Honey Boy and The Peanut Butter Falcon, the scuffle he had this past June is an exception. And now we'll have to see how things shake out now that he's got a few small charges against him.

While Shia LaBeouf and his representation haven't made any comments about these new charges, but it's sure to capture the attention of the public. After all, there are generations of fans out there who are invested in LaBeouf's personal and professional life. So seeing him once again at the heart of some legal issues will have an added spotlight.

This marks the first time Shia LaBeouf has been involved in a controversy of this kind since back in 2017. During that time he was arrested for disorderly conduct, obstruction of justice, and public during a very public break down. The actor was filming Peanut Butter Falcon at the time, and opened up about his struggles with mental health and addiction. In the end he apologized, and seems to have found some peace in the years following.

In addition to his public apology, Shia LaBeouf also opened up about his personal demons through his work. He recently wrote and starred in the movie Honey Boy, which was based on his life as a young star. To make things even deeper, LaBeouf played his father throughout the blockbuster in an extremely personal manner.

There's no way of telling how Shia LaBeouf's ongoing legal issues will play out, but the silver lining is that the charges themselves aren't world changing. The petty theft is reportedly about the man's hat, which LaBeouf seemingly took in the middle of his scuffle. There's also the battery charge, which obviously was in relation to the physical altercation the actor was in.

Shia LaBeouf most recently appeared in The Tax Collector, debuting some serious new tattoos in the process. Additionally, he was in the cast of Pieces of a Woman alongside Vanessa Kirby. For now be sure to check out our 2020 release list to plan your next movie experience.

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