Why The Craft: Legacy Had A Real Witch On Set

Lovie Simone in The Craft: Legacy

Cult classics are a unique part of film history. While they might be critical or box office successes, certain projects find a life of their own over time and end up beloved. While The Rocky Horror Picture Show is perhaps the most iconic example, the 1990's teen horror movie The Craft is also a cult classic. Fans can soon jump back into the world of angst and witchcraft with Blumhouse's The Craft: Legacy, which is arriving straight to homes in time for Halloween. I had the privilege of visiting the set of the movie, and learned why they had an actual witch available during filming.

The Craft: Legacy is directed and written by Zoe Lister-Jones, who is taking the iconic property into the contemporary world. The movie's first trailer just arrived, revealing the new coven of witches and teasing their beautiful and terrifying relationship with magic. And while the actresses were pretending to cast spells throughout the filming process, they actually had a real witch on set during those sequences. Lister-Jones explained this to journalists on the set of The Craft: Legacy, saying:

Aerin Fogel who is here today is our local Canadian witch. And she’s been amazing too just to have on set. With scenes where we’re actually practicing rituals that we are practicing them authentically. And she’s also been helpful in opening and closing circles. Because magic is real and so making sure that everyone feels safe in the spells that they’re casting even though we’re just making a movie.

While there's been an increased focus on health and safety precautions on set, The Craft: Legacy had to take some unique measures. Specifically, Zoe Lister-Jones was careful the magic practices on set were done authentically and safely. Basically they were binding the set from doing harm. Harm against others, and harm against themselves.

The Craft: Legacy will make magic happen through visual and practical effects, but those sequences were also handled with care when filming. Zoe Lister-Jones had three different occult consultants for the upcoming sequel, hoping to add a level of realism to the movie. But in addition to authenticity, it was also important that they cleansed the set to avoid actually messing with any magical energies.

Aerin Fogel was the witch who was on set for The Craft: Legacy last year, and she also spoke to journalists on set about her role in the upcoming movie. She explained how she contributed to the mysterious sequel, telling us:

My role here with the film is to make sure that anything that pertains to something that might be occult that it’s accurate. So any of the space where the girls are practicing magic or where they’re experimenting with ritual and starting to open up their power a bit. Those are all things that I’ve been consulting on to make sure that they’re accurate to the way that someone who practice ritual who has an interest in the occult, who works in the esoteric realm, that it’s authentic to the way we would actually practice in our day to day lives. But also making sure that things are cared for energetically with the film as well. If we’re doing spells and rituals and all sorts of practices that are part of the film, magic doesn’t know you’re acting. So I’ve also been doing some work in my own time and also with the cast and crew so they feel supported. And that any energetic space that are opened through the practice in the film are also closed at the end of it.

Spooky season, indeed. The Craft: Legacy is arriving just in time for Halloween this year, which is an exciting way to return to the beloved franchise. And in addition to the scares and tension that'll be felt while watching Zoe Lister-Jones's movie, there might be added realism thanks to Aerin Fogel and the other occult consultants. The cast and crew clearly took the magic seriously, and it should be interesting to see how that translates in the Craft follow-up's runtime.

All will be revealed when The Craft: Legacy arrives at the end of the month. The pressure is certainly on, especially considering how beloved Andrew Fleming's original 1996 movie is. The internet had a strong reaction to Legacy's first trailer, and that should likely continue once the movie arrives in homes for Halloween. But with Blumhouse behind this return to the franchise, Legacy has been given some

The Craft: Legacy will arrive in homes October 28th. In the meantime, check out our 2020 release list to plan your next movie experience.

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