While We Wait For No Time To Die, At Least We Can Still Celebrate James Bond Day

No Time To Die Daniel Craig toasts in a hurry

Just when you thought it was safe to pick up your tuxedo from the cleaners and practice how to order a celebratory martini at the bar, No Time To Die found itself postponed from its November release date into 2021. An extra couple of months added onto the clock does, in fact, suck – but there’s still a cause for celebration. Today is the 58th anniversary of when Sean Connery first brought Bond to the big screen, as on October 5, 1962 Dr. No was released, and thusly it is recognized as James Bond Day. So since we’re already in the mood, why not celebrate with a reel of footage celebrating Daniel Craig’s run as 007?

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It appears some new footage for No Time To Die has made its way into this short but sweet Facebook video looking back fondly at the Craig era. Most notably, we see Daniel Craig’s Bond smiling rather wryly as he pulls up in a Jeep next to a more standard issue looking car. And who should be in that car but Jeffrey Wright as Felix Leiter, alongside our first look at Billy Magnussen as fellow CIA agent Logan Ash.

Though this video was undoubtedly prepared to help push the No Time To Die hype machine even further towards the planned November drop, it’s still pleasing now to see James Bond doing his thing to the familiar theme tunes Monty Norman wrote all those years ago. Covering the entire field of Daniel Craig’s work, from 2006’s Casino Royale to this year’s final entry in his five film run, there’s a lot of familiar faces, iconic moments, and some surprises mixed in for good measure.

While heavily favoring No Time To Die, Casino Royale, and Skyfall, all five films are present and accounted for in this montage of adrenaline. Upon first blush, Spectre seems to be the least featured film of the bunch. Don’t ask for an official breakdown though, as we were too busy humming along with the theme to take notes. Ending on the image of Daniel Craig jumping into a train, slightly bloodied, and adjusting his suit, this scene from Skyfall’s impressive pre-credits sequence almost feels like a message from the official 007 camp. While April 2, 2021 feels like a long wait for No Time To Die, James Bond loyalists will just have to stick out the wait, and get ready for the excitement a little later than planned.

So pour yourself something from the drink cart, and join us for a toast, because as always, and especially on a day like James Bond Day, 007 will return to CinemaBlend (though a little birdie has told us that if you’re looking for a James Bond fix, PlutoTV is currently streaming everything up to The World is Not Enough, with Casino Royale ’53 and Never Say Never Again added as extra non-canonical bonuses).

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