The Craft: Legacy Director Explains Why Now Is The Right Time For A Sequel

The Coven of The Craft: Legacy

The past few yeas have been an exciting horror renaissance, with the genre reaching consistent critical and box office success. Many of the modern classics come to us from Blumhouse Productions. The studio recently pivoted to beloved franchises, with movies like Halloween and The Craft: Legacy. The latter movie is arriving in homes just in time for Halloween, and will introduce a new coven of witches. I was able to be on the movie's set, where director Zoe Lister-Jones explained why now was the right time for the cult classic property to return

The pressure is on for The Craft: Legacy considered just how beloved the 1996 cult classic is. The trailer for Zoe Lister-Jones' witchy movie just arriving, revealing the diverse new cast of young witches. I had the privilege of speaking with Lister-Jones on the set of Legacy, where she addressed the pressure and timing associated with bringing such an iconic franchise back. She said,

I think a story that centers around young people, young women specifically, coming into their power in today’s current climate is really important to me. In terms of giving voice to narratives that sometimes have otherwise been marginalized. And really prioritizing representation and representing young people, and young women authentically. And really showcasing the struggles that young women are up against. And creating a world that feels current and fresh while still paying homage to everything that was so incredible about the original.

Well, there you have it. The Craft: Legacy in many ways is aiming to do what Andrew Fleming's original cult classic did. Namely, show real-life issues that young women are dealing with, while also raising the stakes with magic and plenty of style. And from the trailer, it looks like Zoe Lister-Jones was able to do just that.

The Craft: Legacy will feature a new, diverse cast of young women who make up the new coven. Zoe Lister-Jones previously spoke to the importance of inclusion in the cast, and the importance of transgender representation. Girls face types of pressures than those from the '90s, and that's exactly what the director focused on or Legacy.

The first trailer for The Craft: Legacy trailers features a mixture of new visuals and nods to the original movie, including some visual parallels and direct quotes. But Zoe Lister-Jones clearly brought a different visual language to it, as it's noticeably brighter than the original Craft. What's more, she wanted to have a different dynamic between with the witches, a sisterhood where they truly support each other.

All eyes are exactly what The Craft: Legacy will offer when it arrives straight to homes later this month. As previously mentioned, there's some very big shoes to fill, as Andrew Fleming's original is loved and quintessential '90s pop culture. But if Zoe Lister-Jones is able to bring the property into a modern context, it has the chance to please audiences new and old.

The timing of The Craft: Legacy's release in time for Halloween definitely has the chance to help gain a wider at home audiences, as moviegoers settle in for something spooky. And with the first trailer revealing a connection to the original movie and Fairuza Balk's Nancy, hardcore fans of The Craft should be enticed to check it out.

The Craft: Legacy will arrive in homes on October 28th. In he meantime, check out our 2020 release list to plan your next trip to the movies.

Corey Chichizola
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