9 Horror Villains Who Could Actually Go Toe To Toe With Marvel Heroes

Pinhead Hellraiser

A combination of the lack of new Marvel content and an influx of horror movies in the month of October has me thinking one thing: a lot of these horror villains could kick some real ass in the Marvel universe, though not at all for the right reasons. A lot of killers, ghosts and demons in the horror genre could really be a force to be reckoned with in the MCU, and do some real harm while they're in it.

There are a lot of heavy hitters on this list who could take on every Marvel hero, from the street level enforcers like Luke Cage to maybe even some cosmic level beings. Hey, who am I to say these nightmares can't throw down with the best and have each Marvel hero on the ropes trying to stop them? Let's dive in.

Jason Voorhees Friday The 13th

Jason Voorhees - Friday The 13th

Jason Voorhees isn't necessarily impossible to stop, but defeating him entirely is hardly an option. Jason is immortal, and even dismemberment can't keep him down. He's also super strong and unafraid to kill, so he's basically the standard villain you'd find in a superhero story. Of course, Jason's overall appetite for largely unmotivated violence would make him a little more unhinged, and his lack of speaking ability means he won't be offering up villainous monologues anytime soon.

Alien Covenant Xenomorph

Xenomorphs - Alien

They're the bane of most human space dwellers' existence, and I can't help but think a team like the Guardians of the Galaxy would struggle against them a good deal as well. They're one of the ultimate predators of galactic space, and killing them is not that easy. Their acidic blood can be problematic for armor and weapons, and then there's the whole being able to lurk in the shadows and hunt people down individually. They may be a bit easier to kill compared to some on this list, but Xenomorphs would be a pain in even the Avengers' asses.

The Thing

The Thing - The Thing

Imagine the chaos in the Avengers headquarters if The Thing were inside the facility. First, it'd be taking on the forms of heroes and then freaking everyone the hell out. Second, everyone would be so confused as they try to describe the threat in a way that doesn't piss off a certain member of the Fantastic Four. Jokes aside, if the MCU did a take on The Thing with heroes, that would be so awesome I wouldn't even call them out for it.

Hellraiser Pinhead

Pinhead - Hellraiser

This Cenobite would be any hero's nightmare, no matter how strong they are. His invulnerability and command of magic and chains would make Doctor Strange quiver with fear, which is kind of what Cenobites do best. Pinhead would certainly make mincemeat out of a few Marvel heroes, though I'm not sure many would be foolish enough to summon him through the Lament Configuration. It would have to be a villain that did that, or perhaps just a foolish human, though presumably they would pay the price before anyone in the Marvel universe could respond immediately.

Halloween Michael Myers

Michael Myers - Halloween

While I don't think the modern telling of Michael Myers would have a snowball's chance in hell against the modern Marvel hero, the classic version certainly would be a contender. Michael's strength and relentlessness would run any character ragged, especially if we're talking about the source of his powers being the Curse of Thorn. The rule behind that is that Michael's powers of immortality and strength won't be taken away until he can kill every member of an entire family, so any Marvel hero would have to dedicate their lives to stopping him, and maybe still lose if they can't keep said family safe at all times.

Pennywise IT

Pennywise - IT

Pennywise is a psychological terror that could freak out even a god of Asgard, provided they weren't aware of what he really was. There are enough knowledgeable characters in the Marvel universe that I'm sure someone would be able to instantly sniff out his true origins and take it out, but they likely wouldn't get the chance. Pennywise's main ability is that he appears to vulnerable children and preys on them, and adults don't always see him. It's a plan that could backfire though, especially if he tried to pick a fight against someone like Franklin Richards.

Candyman Candyman

Candyman - Candyman

Much like the case was when I talked about Pinhead, it's hard to imagine the circumstances in which a Marvel hero would summon Candyman. Once they did though, can you imagine how much trouble a hero would be in if they tried to dismiss his existence as an urban legend? Innocent lives would be cut down left and right, and all of a sudden the PR disaster Spider-Man had with Mysterio's death wouldn't seem like that big of a deal!

The Exorcist

Pazuzu - The Exorcist

Not the little girl, but the demon that possessed her, Pazuzu was pretty strong for a demon. Sure, there's probably satanic beasts much higher up the ladder in Hell than he was, but he did some pretty nasty stuff while controlling a little powerless girl. Imagine the damage he could do with somebody like The Hulk, who acts like a possessed creature at times anyway. I'm sure he could be expelled by some of the Marvel magic users, but that may be easier said than done depending on the hero he's inside of.

The Grudge

Kayako -The Grudge

A lot of people may not immediately assume this Japanese ghost is a heavy hitter in the horror world, but rest assured, she might be the most fearsome foe any Marvel hero could tangle with. Kayako may not be physically strong, but she can teleport, has super speed and can paralyze and possess whoever she damn well pleases. Oh yeah, she also reads minds and warps reality. It's basically like you're dealing with the Phoenix Force, except the Phoenix Force has been defeated by Marvel heroes. Kayako hasn't lost, and with no clear way of defeating her (unless low cinema scores do the trick), I'm not sure there's a Marvel hero who could take her down either.

These are just a few of the horror villains who could stand against some Marvel heroes, so feel free to throw your favorite matchups in the comments. As always, continue to stick with CinemaBlend for all the latest happening in the world of movies and television news.

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