Ryan Reynolds Thanking Blake Lively After Voting For The First Time In A U.S. Election Is Classic

Green Lantern Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds stare into each other's eyes

You never forget your first time, and Ryan Reynolds has just made sure that the world won’t be able to forget it either. Of course, the proverbial virgin experience we’re talking about today is voting in your first U.S. presidential election; which is exactly what Canadian ex pat Reynolds has done in the absolutely normal year of 2020. And you can see the photo that proves it both on the fridge he shares with Blake Lively, or in the more publicly available social media post below:

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It’s a shame that the 2020 election has been the most boring election year to date, but the Free Guy star was still extremely proud to have voted in the latest contest to see who will get to live in the Oval Office for the next four years. That much is abundantly clear in Ryan Reynolds’ Instagram post above, as that’s not a smile that just comes from brushing and flossing. No my friends, the completion of civic duty, with the assistance of someone you love and trust like Reynolds does Blake Lively, is one of the only ways you’re going to get a smile like that. Surely he can’t be talking about anything else in that message he’s written, no, not at all.

Much like fellow countryman Rick Moranis, Ryan Reynolds is a Canadian-born legend and sweetheart. But since he became an American citizen in 2018, this election cycle has allowed him to take part in the processes of U.S. democracy for the first time. Which is fantastic, considering the unprecedented circumstances this year has thrown at the world and how even the voting cycle and best way to contribute your vote has been confusing.

Taking time off from his life’s quest to overtake and subjugate the charm offensive that is the career of Hugh Jackman, Reynolds allowed himself a moment of humanity and took the time to cast his vote. Naturally, as any responsible U.S. citizen would, Ryan Reynolds put the message out for people to vote, but didn’t pressure anyone to vote in any particular fashion. The most powerful part of his statement, besides the beaming pride of his wife and moral compass, was that folks vote early. A message he didn’t hesitate to repeat when posting his official ballot, sealed in its envelope, as seen below in the Instagram story he reposted from Blake Lively’s account.

Ryan Reynolds holding his ballot proudly

Seriously, look at that smile, and tell me that this isn’t a seriously proud moment in Ryan Reynolds' life. It’s enough to make a person wonder if they can enjoy that same sort of joy. And as luck would have it, through secure polling places and mail-in ballots, you can vote early, just as the always in sync Blake Lively/ Ryan Reynolds household has! So be sure to know where your nearest polling place is, and to follow the instructions of your mail-in ballot to the letter, should you elect that option. No pressure, of course.

If you’re just skipping to the end and trying to see what Ryan Reynolds’ next project in theaters is, you’ll be happy to know that Free Guy is still on track for its December 11th release in theaters. Should that change for any reason whatsoever, or should Mr. Reynolds brag about discovering the other joys of being an informed citizen, we’ll break those updates here on CinemaBlend. Congratulations, Ryan; Mariah Carey now has another reason to be proud of you!

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