Robert Rodriguez Just Shared A New Alita: Battle Angel Poster To Get Fans Hyped For The Re-Release

Alita: Battle Angel characters lined up in front of Zalem

If you were to go back in time a couple of months in the past just to tell Alita: Battle Angel fans that they’d get another chance to see the movie in theaters, the fandom would probably be shocked. But sure enough, the call of the fandom has been heeded, and director Robert Rodriguez’s ever growing cult favorite is coming back to select movie screens this weekend. This calls for a celebration, and Rodriguez himself has provided something cool to add to the festivities courtesy of an exclusive poster he just debuted. Take a look at this new promo art below:

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Previously, promotions for the Alita: Battle Angel re-release have used older poster art, photoshopped to show the October 30th opening date for the re-issue. Which meant that the moment Robert Rodriguez shared this new artwork on Twitter, the fans went wild. Showing Rosa Salazar’s Alita, with her trusty Damascus Blade held over her shoulder, a colorful and sunny background heralds what looks like the appropriate dawn of a new day.

Issuing new art for Alita: Battle Angel, even if it’s purely digital for the moment, is a pretty big deal for a movie that was supposed to have been done and dusted in 2019. Though the studio and filmmakers behind the modest success may have picked up on the Alita Army fan community’s own efforts to market the film, and decided that a new piece to the advertising puzzle was well earned. At this point, the only thing that’d be more impressive than creating that new poster is if the studio actually printed some hard copies, in hopes that theaters will put them into their lightboxes to promote the big night at hand.

The commitment of Robert Rodriguez, as well as producers James Cameron and Jon Landau, has always been amazing when it comes to the re-release of Alita: Battle Angel. That impressive support was even bolstered by the fact that the official Twitter accounts for both 20th Century Studios and Alita: Battle Angel also managed to join in the messaging boost. In a time where movie theaters are looking for patrons to return, pushing this new chance for an older favorite to shine feels pretty refreshing. Here’s hoping the re-release effort this weekend pushes the hopes of a sequel higher than ever, on the battle hardened wings of its fans.

Alita: Battle Angel heads back to theaters this Friday, with some theaters scheduling showings as early as this Thursday. So check your local showtimes, to make sure where and when you can join the festivities. If you’re looking to support Alita’s big return, but you can’t or don’t feel like returning to theaters just yet, you can still join the cause through either buying or renting the film on physical or digital media. Or, if you’re a Cinemax/MaxGO subscriber, you can watch or stream Alita: Battle Angel this weekend, in order to help boost the film’s profile. The clock’s ticking, so plan accordingly, Alita Army!

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