Lady Gaga References Ex-Fiancee Taylor Kinney In Campaign Appearance

Gaga in Star Is Born

While there are plenty of people out there hoping for fame and fortune, there are definitely downsides to become a celebrity. This is especially true for A-listers, whose personal and romantic life become public shows. Singer/actress Lady Gaga obviously knows fame all too well... she even wrote an album about it. And when campaigning for the 2020 Election, Gaga recently opened up about her infamous breakup with ex-fiancee and actor Taylor Kinney.

Lady Gaga's star power is massive, so everything from her fashion, music, and personal life has become consumed by her countless fans. When it was announced that she was engaged to Chicago Fire actor Taylor Kinney, little monsters everywhere celebrated her love life. But said engagement was eventually broken, and now Gaga has spoken about that relationship while in Pennsylvania campaigning for Presidential candidate Joe Biden. As she put it,

I was engaged to a man from Lancaster, Pennsylvania. I know, I know, it didn't work out. I loved him so much but it just did not work out. But I still love me Pennsylvania guy. I love Joe, so Joe's my new Pennsylvania guy.

And there you have it. While Lady Gaga isn't known for opening up about her past relationships or speaking ill of her former lovers, this represents a unique tidbit of information. And she did it all without actually mentioning Taylor Kinney's name at all. Still, the fans know how this relationship ultimately panned out for the Grammy and Oscar winner.

Lady Gaga's comments come from her appearance at Joe Biden's recent rally in Pennsylvania (via People). Lady Gaga is known for being outspoken in her political beliefs, and so her involvement in the presidential election should come as no surprise. But what did catch the public off guard was the unexpected reference to her engagement to Taylor Kinney.

Prior to her appearance on the campaign trail, Lady Gaga teased her upcoming appearance for Joe Biden's Presidential Campaign. Gaga said she'd be visiting a place she used to live, which most people expected to be New York. But she was actually talking about Pennsylvania, where she lived with Taylor Kinney during their relationship. You can check out that post below.

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Lady Gaga and Taylor Kinney began dating back in 2011, and (unsurprisingly) kept their relationship largely private during their years together. They met when filming Gaga's "You And I" video, and quickly became a couple. Years later they became engaged in 2015, with little monsters getting ready for a Gaga wedding. Of course, that wouldn't end up happening.

Ultimately Gaga and Kinney called off their engagement in 2015. And they've both stayed fairly quiet about what went wrong, still valuing their privacy despite their relationship not working out. Lady Gaga did briefly mention her past relationship in the Netflix documentary Five Foot Two, once again leaving his name out altogether.

As a reminder you can watch Lady Gaga: Five Foot Two to see that intimate look at Gaga, including her work on A Star Is Born and American Horror Story: Roanoke. Be sure to check out our 2020 release list to plan your next movie experience.

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