No, Lady Gaga Isn't Pregnant

Lady Gaga - A Star is Born

Throughout her career, Lady Gaga has faced a variety of rumors. The pop star is no stranger to people speculating about her character and her lifestyle, and that was especially true after the musician made her cinematic debut in last year's acclaimed A Star is Born remake. Some people felt the steamy on-screen romance was simply too good not to be true. And when Gaga broke off her engagement to her fiancé, curious folks wondered if that meant she was dating and/or sleeping with her co-star/director Bradley Cooper. She dismissed such notions, but she's met with even more rumors about her life. This time, there are folks claiming that she's pregnant. And now, once again, Lady Gaga is denying these new allegations.

In the process of shooting down false rumors, however, Lady Gaga was savvy. She saw the potential to deflect this news by making a big announcement in its place. She told her followers on Twitter that she is pregnant, but not with her first child. Instead, the pop musician let everyone know that she is currently pregnant with her newest album, which is either titled or nicknamed LG6. (Or, maybe, #LG6). You can check out the big album announcement/not pregnant news from Lady Gaga below.

This social media diversion was a fun, cheeky and inventive way for Lady Gaga to stop fake pregnancy rumors from spreading, but also let everyone know what she is up to now that the awards train for A Star is Born is finally slowing down. The title star of the award-winning film ended her incredible run by winning both a Grammy and an Oscar for her song "Shallow" in the dramatic romance. Now that things are finally slowing down on that front, Lady Gaga can once again focus her energy on making her latest studio album. And shut down pregnancy rumors too.

You gotta respect someone who can make two big news bulletins in one 180-character tweet. That's a skill that comes from media experience, and Lady Gaga is no stranger to rumors – as we mentioned before. It must almost be second-nature to the celebrity superstar to deflect rumors and hype up her brand by now. She's a pro, and this is part of what she does. Sure enough, Lady Gaga wanted the world to know that she is currently not with child, but she is in the works of delivering her newest album in the not-too-distant future. Hopefully, we can expect that due date to be in the next few months. Though, presently, those details are very, very limited.

But when we hear more about the forthcoming album from Lady Gaga herself, we'll certainly keep you posted. There's also a good chance we'll keep you posted on the newest rumors about Lady Gaga too. And when it comes to the latest news in film, television, pop culture, celebrity culture and a whole lot more, you can always be sure to check back with us right here at CinemaBlend to hear the brand new scoop.

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