Lady Gaga And Her Fiance Have Broken Up

Lady Gaga - A Star is Born (2018)

It's a big week for Lady Gaga. The musician-turned-actress might soon be walking home with her first Academy Award for her acting and/or music work in A Star is Born. That is, of course, depending on how the Sunday ceremony shapes up. Nothing seems certain when it comes to this year's race, although "Shallow" has a better chance than most nominees in the category of walking away with Best Original Song this year. But when it comes time for the big awards ceremony to commence, Lady Gaga's guest for the evening might not be who you first expected. That's because Gaga is no longer engaged to Christian Carino, her one-time fiancé.

While Lady Gaga and Christian Carino haven't made any official announcement about the separation yet, it was reportedly confirmed to the press by people close to the couple. As the information was relayed to People (via EW), the relationship between Gaga and Carino ultimately "didn't work out," despite their marriage plans in place. As the unnamed source reportedly in touch with the celebrity couple noted, engagements "sometimes end," and the source makes it seem like it wasn't any one person's fault over the other. Love is a tricky thing, and while it can be beautiful and loving and fulfilling at its best, it can also have sad endings as well.

In any case, the timing of the separation was rather unfortunate. Lady Gaga is celebrating a triumphant week of awards love and attention leading up to the Academy Awards. But of course, you can't time these situations. If love is lost, it doesn't matter when it happens. Sometimes, you discover you're no longer in love with your partner, and they ultimately feel the same way about you. It's impossible to schedule a good break-up time, as they're always difficult. You just have to accept it isn't going to work out, then move on as best you can. There's no sense trying to prolong what might ultimately be inevitable.

In any case, Lady Gaga's fanbase began to notice trouble in paradise before this announcement was made. For instance, the musician wasn't wearing her engagement ring during the Grammy Awards, and that was a telling sign for many of her followers. Furthermore, when "Shallow" won the Grammy Award for Best Pop Duo or Group Performance, she didn't thank Christian Carino in her acceptance speech.

One could argue Lady forgot since she was so caught up in the moment, but that explanation seems unlikely at best. Especially given what we now know to be the truth. Additionally, Carino wasn't Gaga's guest during the Grammy ceremony either, even though she accompanied the star at several other awards shows.

The couple was first seen together in 2017, after Lady Gaga ended her five-year relationship with Taylor Kinney. It was a whirlwind romance that came together in quick fashion, and they were considered a very affectionate couple.

We don't know what caused them to drift apart in their romantic bliss, and there is a strong chance that we might not ever know the full truth of the break-up for a little while. But in any case, Gaga will need to find another guest for the Oscars ceremony.

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