No Big Deal, Just Ryan Reynolds And Hugh Jackman Pausing Their Feud To Hang Out While Filming

Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds pitching The Feud

Feuds are like songs: sometimes you need to take a simple, but effective breath before heading over to the next note. If you don’t breathe just right, you run yourself down, and then the song is ruined. So it shouldn’t surprise anyone that professional feuders Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman have paused their endless squabble, while filming for a very good cause. And you can see what that moment of peace looks like, below:

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The reality of this moment, shared to Twitter by Hugh Jackman himself, is that both of these once and future mutants are teaming up for a very good cause. Thanks to the Sam’s Club event also known simply as “The Feud,” both Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds are representing their brands and two different, but equally worthy charities. And it looks like in between moments of filming pointed insults they threw at one another in this very festive promo, they took some time to watch the dailies and plot their next moves.

At this point, if the hilarious ongoing “feud” between the former Wolverine and the kinda-sorta still Deadpool doesn’t yield a movie or TV series of some sort, it’s going to be one of the greatest shames in the universe. Two of the nicest, and dare we say funniest, actors on the market are doing good for charity by continuing this contest of wills-- with Hugh Jackman repping the Laughing Man Foundation and Ryan Reynolds supporting the Sick Kids Foundation. But even when it comes to supporting other passions, like their own retail brands or films that they’re participating in, Reynolds and Jackman use their good and evil charm to shine the light on stuff that matters.

With 2020 being a year of very real conflicts and adversity, seeing something like Hugh Jackman picking on Ryan Reynolds’ attitude is a very welcomed distraction. Equally beloved is when Reynolds can get a quick word in edge wise and call his charming Australian “enemy” a monster. But no matter who wins this particular fight, we all ultimately benefit. And nowhere is that truer than in this competition being held between the Jackman/Reynolds factions.

If you’re looking to get in on The Feud yourself, head over to Sam’s Club’s official site. You can vote for your charity/celebrity of choice once a day, with a chance to win a virtual party with Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman. Meanwhile, in the world of movies, you can see Jackman’s latest effort, Bad Education, as it’s currently streaming on HBO Max. Reynolds fans will sadly have to wait until November 25th, when The Croods: A New Age is set to hit theaters. Speaking of theaters, don’t forget to check out our 2020 release schedule, which has all the info you’ll need on what films are still headed to a theater near you.

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