Hugh Jackman Had A Perfectly Snarky Compliment For Ryan Reynolds’ Mom On Mother's Day

Deadpool in Hugh Jackman mask

For years, Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds have been having fun at each other expense, and despite the occasional claims that the feud is coming to an end, it never seems to die. The latest shot was fired on Mother's Day, when Ryan Reynolds used his own mother in an ad for Mint Mobile, the phone company Reynolds recently purchased a stake in. The ad is having fun in Reynolds particular style, much like the ads for Aviator Gin.

The ad has Ryan Reynolds' mom talking about the importance of calling you mom on Mother's Day, and how her own son is a slacker in that regard. But what's potentially funnier than the ad itself, is what Hugh Jackman said in response to it. In a follow up to Ryan Reynolds' tweet, he called Reynolds' mom a saint for the act of raising Ryan Reynolds.

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Thus far, Ryan Reynolds has not made a direct response to Hugh Jackman, though one can assume he's currently plotting his next shot against the Logan actor as we speak. You get the feeling the next step in the ongoing battle is always on their mind.

This is pretty much par for the course when it comes to the interaction that we see between Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds. Basically ever since the two appeared together in X-Men Origins: Wolverine, and Reynolds' "excellent" portrayal of Wade Wilson, the two have been having fun at each others expense.

This isn't even the first time that Hugh Jackman has praised a member of Ryan Reynolds' family simply for putting up with the Deadpool actor. He previously told Reynolds' wife Blake Lively that her coffee, from Jackman's own Laughing Man Coffee Company, was free forever.

More recently the two declared a truce, not their first, to help raise money for food insecurity in the face of the recent pandemic. Even then, of course, the pair couldn't help but continually screw with each other.

Honestly, under the current circumstances this is exactly the sort of fun we all need. These two are obviously always having fun and the jokes never get mean spirited. At a time when so little is fun or funny, thank god we have Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman perpetually giving each other shit.

And unfortunately, because of the state of the entertainment industry right now, we might not see Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds much outside of Twitter for a while. Reynolds was in the middle of filming the Netflix movie Red Notice alongside Dwayne Johnson and Gal Gadot when everything shut down. Jackman was in early rehearsals for his Broadway return in The Music Man which isn't set to arrive until the fall, but could potentially still see delays.

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