Why There's An Investigation Into That Matrix 4 Wrap Party Keanu Reeves And The Cast Attended

The Matrix reloaded Party scene

The only thing perhaps more surprising than the fact that we're even getting The Matrix 4, is how fast the turn around was from the reveal that it was coming to the movie actually going into production. Even with the delays the movie had to deal with due to the global pandemic, the next chapter in the Matrix story recently wrapped filming, an event which came along with news that the production had actually figured out a way to throw a wrap party even in the age of social distancing. However, now that event is under investigation in Germany for potentially violating restrictions against large gatherings.

According to reports at the time, the wrap party used a loophole to allow some 200 cast and crew of The Matrix 4 to come together for the event. Cast members came in costume and the whole thing would have looked to outside observers as if filming was taking place. This meant that more than 50 people, which is the current limit for gatherings in Germany, could get together. The Independent is now reporting that officials in the city of Potsdam will be holding hearings into events, and that the allegations that the "film shoot" was actually a party will be taken into account.

According to the report, while this event may have been more a party than work, many safety precautions were still taken. Everybody in attendance was tested for coronavirus beforehand and masks were expected to be worn by everybody, though some anecdotal reports indicate that may not have been strictly enforced.

The big question may be how many people that were not part of the production itself were in attendance. If the cast and crew were keeping things safe by working within a "bubble" with limited interactions with people outside that bubble, then it may be decided the event wasn't that big a deal. If however, the party included a lot of people that the cast and crew had not previously been exposed to, then Studio Babelsberg, the movie studio which hosted the event, could seen more significant punishment. Fines can be imposed against organizers or individuals, so the hearings will determine who could be subject to those fines and to what extent.

The news that the production may have skirted some rules during the pandemic, which is not a good look, is taking away from what most people involved would like to see people talking about right now, that principal photography on The Matrix 4 is now complete. Fans will certainly be excited to know that the surprise new chapter is that much closer to becoming real. While reshoots will likely be needed down the road, the movie now shifts to post-production which, considering this a Matrix movie, will probably be extensive. The Matrix 4 is set for release in December 2021.

Dirk Libbey
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