Matrix 4 Wraps With A Rager And Keanu Reeves Brought Alexandra Grant

Keanu Reeves in The Matrix

Nostalgia has proven a powerful force in the entertainment world, as countless beloved properties have returned for reboots, remakes or long-awaited sequels. This trend has extended to the iconic Matrix franchise, as creator Lana Wachowski is jacking back into the beloved sci-fi property with The Matrix 4. The movie has wrapped production overseas and the cast/crew had a rager to celebrate, with Keanu Reeves bringing his girlfriend Alexandra Grant along for the party.

Following a delay in filming as sets around the set were shut down, Lana Wachowski and The Matrix 4's cast and crew resumed production in Berlin. Keanu Reeves has obviously been hard at work playing his signature character Neo, and his girlfriend Alexandra Grant has been abroad with him during this grueling filming process. And with principal photography recently wrapped, the couple enjoyed a wild party for the cast and crew.

This news comes to us from Page Six, and reveals that Lana Wachowski and company reportedly had a massive party to celebrate the wrapping of The Matrix 4's filming. While large gatherings are still forbidden in Germany as they are in the States, the report indicates that Wachowski and company were able to have their celebration for the cast and crew through a loophole. Namely, by acting as if they were actually filming a party scene, rather than just enjoying a night together.

As a result, a whopping 200 cast and crew member for The Matrix 4 (plus Keanu Reeves' girlfriend) were able to enjoy a rager of a wrap party for the highly anticipated science fiction blockbuster. This reportedly included a DJ and dance floor, as well as a pyrotechnics and dance performance. And with food and booze being slung, it seems like a great time for all of those involved.

Of course, health precautions were taken prior to the party starting. Rapid COVID tests were given to the attendees, something that the cast and crew of The Matrix 4 has no doubt grown accustomed to during their time filming during the pandemic. Still, it seems that the German powers that be are investigating said party. We'll just have to see if the studio gets in any hot water for this extracurricular event celebrating the wrapping of principal photography.

Filming for The Matrix 4 began in the spring in the states, with Lana Wachowski starting principal photography in San Francisco. Videos of this work revealed some wild stunts for Keanu Reeves and company, as well as massive explosions. But when sets around the world were shut down, the movie was ultimately delayed in order to complete the project.

Anticipation for The Matrix 4 has been steadily building since the project was first announced. Lana Wachowski assembled a stellar cast to bring the mysterious story to life, including a mixture of new and returning faces. Keanu Reeves and Carrie-Anne Moss will once again lead the project as Neo and Trinity respectively, despite their characters' apparent death in The Matrix Revolutions. We'll just have to wait and see exactly how this story plays out when the fourth movie arrives in theaters.

The Matrix 4 is currently set to arrive in theaters on December 22nd, 2021. In the meantime, check out our 2021 release list to plan your trips to the movie next year.

Corey Chichizola
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