Disney+'s Godmothered Trailer: Jillian Bell And Isla Fisher's Upcoming Comedy Is Pure Magic

When you wish upon a star, you don’t know what you’re going to get. That’s the starting point of Disney+’s new whimsical comedy Godmothered, as Jillian Bell tries to prove that the world still needs fairy godmothers to help out with the hard stuff. While her efforts to help Isla Fisher’s beleaguered character might not always work out, this new movie looks like nothing short of pure magic.

The “youngest trainee” in the fairy godmother program, Eleanor (Bell) wants to show the world that fairy godmothers can still get the job done. With her heart set answering the wishes of a young girl named Mackenzie, she feels pretty confident on the odds of success; except there’s a bit of a problem. Mackenzie’s request for help was sent decades ago, as she’s now 40, a single mother, and played by Isla Fisher. So Jillian Bell’s magical helper might need a little more Disney magic than usual to pull this one off.

Putting Bell and Fisher together in Godmothered is probably the most magical decision that this project could have ever made. Jillian Bell’s Eleanor looks like someone who’s absolutely ready to wield the wand, but at the same time she’s sweet and heartfelt without being too sugary. Meanwhile, Isla Fisher’s Mackenzie is definitely a tougher cookie, but still has those moments where she’ll crumble out of the goodness of her heart. Strangely enough, this casting has paired a present fairy with a past fairy, as Fisher was previously the voice of the Tooth Fairy in Dreamworks’ Rise of the Guardians.

An even more impressive feat that Godmothered happens to pull off is that of being a film that absolutely looks like it’s ready for theatrical release ready to make a splash in the streaming world. In light of the news that Wonder Woman 1984 will find itself streaming for a full month alongside its theatrical presence, the market is about to get even more competitive for those watching at home. With the double play of Soul and now Godmothered both being available on the platform in December, Disney+ is going pretty hard for this holiday season.

With all of the magical energy it has in the tank, Godmothered feels like something to truly look forward to. In a year where almost any movie could have a question mark attached to its release plans, it’s a pleasant surprise that Jillian Bell and Isla Fisher will be making some sweet memories for the world to enjoy in the comfort of their own home. Godmothered will premiere directly on Disney+, starting on December 4th. So there’s plenty of time to have your ball attire and wands at the ready for the occasion. Though don’t forget to check the 2020 release schedule in the meantime, as there’s still some magic to be found in theaters throughout the rest of the year.

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