Why Red Notice’s Ryan Reynolds Recorded Hundreds Of Thank You Videos For The Movie’s Crew

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The movie industry has certainly been trying to find its footing under the new normal and while film releases are still struggling, film productions are largely back at work, even if that means making movies in very different ways. One film to recently complete principal photography under the new health and safety restrictions was Netflix's Red Notice, which used the "bubble" structure recently used successfully by the NBA, keeping all of the cast and crew isolated from the rest of the world. One can only imagine how difficult such a system was, and so Red Notice star Ryan Reynolds went the extra mile to thank those inside and outside the bubble for their sacrifices.

Being inside "the bubble" meant that all of the 300-ish cast and crew had to remain physically separated from their loved ones for the duration of production. This was no easy task, but it did not go unnoticed. THR is reporting that Ryan Reynolds recorded a lot of videos, nearly 400 of them, that were sent to the loved ones of the crew to thank them for allowing their family members to work on the movie and be separated from them. Reynolds says he even recorded videos for some dogs.

This was a wonderful, and quite comprehensive, gesture from Ryan Reynolds. Certainly, while he and the other stars like Dwayne Johnson and Gal Gadot were in the same bubble, the rest of the crew isn't exactly getting paid as well as they are, so the sacrifice is a bit more significant. Reynolds decided to do something nice for the crew and he didn't leave anybody out, which is amazing. Even if each of these videos are less than a minute long, doing 400 of them takes some time and a lot of dedication, so well done, sir.

And Ryan Reynolds himself did not advertise the fact that he had done this nice thing for everybody on the set. While the actor did confirm that he had done it when asked, the news of the videos apparently came through other channels and so it seems Reynolds would have been fine with nobody but the people involved being aware of what he had done.

Red Notice is set for release on Netflix next year and stars Dwayne Johnson as an FBI profiler on the hunt for an art thief played by Gal Gadot. Ryan Reynolds is a conman who gets wrapped up in the action. With a cast like that Red Notice would be a big movie under any circumstances, but the fact that Netflix picked up the right to the film would seem to be especially important as the movie's release won't need to be delayed. Theatrical releases are still being pushed back and there's no telling when the dominoes will stop falling.

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