Isla Fisher In Wedding Crashers 2? Here’s What She Says

Isla Fisher in Wedding Crashers

While Isla Fisher has been professionally acting for over two and a half decades now, a lot of moviegoers were introduced to her through the 2005 comedy Wedding Crashers, where she played the unhinged Gloria Cleary. Wedding Crashers was a critical and commercial success, and with it still ranking as one of the most well-known R-rated comedies of the 2000s, there’s been talk for years about making a sequel. Should Wedding Crashers 2 move forward, Fisher would definitely be game for it.

The prospect of putting Wedding Crashers 2 together first hit the public back in 2014, nearly a full decade after the original Wedding Crashers came out. Director David Dobkin revealed how he’d considered having Owen Wilson’s John and Vince Vaughn’s Jeremy face off against a superior wedding crasher, played by Daniel Craig, but that concept never went further than simply being discussed. In recent years though, there’s been renewed hope about Wedding Crashers 2 being brought to life, with Vaughn and Wilson having “seriously” talked with Dobkin about making the sequel happen.

CinemaBlend’s own Jeff McCobb recently spoke with Isla Fisher, as well as fellow actresses Jillian Bell and Jillian Shea Spaeder, about their new Disney+ movie Godmothered. When Jeff inquired with Fisher about if there’s been any chatter or movement on Fisher’s end about Wedding Crashers 2, she responded:

I would love to be involved in that project. I love David Dobkin, I think my career is owed to him [by] giving me a break with that character, and she’s such a wild, out there, hilarious person that it would be fun to do that. But I have not heard. I’m as in the dark as everyone else.

Naturally Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn are necessary to make a Wedding Crashers sequel (as opposed to doing one of those spinoffs using the same concept with a brand new cast), but bringing back most, if not all of the supporting cast would also be important, Isla Fisher included. In case it’s been a while since you last watched Wedding Crashers, Fisher’s Gloria was immediately attracted to Vince Vaughn’s Jeremy when they first met. While Jeremy was initially turned off by her clinginess, he eventually fell in love with her, and they married at the end of the movie.

As things stand now, while Wedding Crashers hasn’t received an official green light yet, it does sound like the odds of it happening are greater than ever. So while Isla Fisher hasn’t heard anything about it yet, presumably she will once more pieces are put together behind the scenes. Of course, if Fisher is bright back for Wedding Crashers 2, fingers crossed that also means Rachel McAdams and Christoper Walken and Jane Seymour return as the other members of the Cleary family. Hell, let’s even find a way to squeeze in Bradley Cooper, who played Sack Lodge, the ex-fiancé McAdams’ Claire Clearly.

Keep checking back with CinemaBlend for any updates on the Wedding Crashers 2 front. In the meantime, you can see Isla Fisher starring in Disney+’s Godmothered, where she plays Mackenzie Walsh, a disillusioned woman who Jillian Bell’s Eleanor, a godmother-in-training, tries to help. That feature hits the Mouse House’s streaming service this Friday, December 4. Find out what movies are slated for next year in our 2021 release schedule.

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