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Renee Zellweger And Hugh Grant Still Exchange Emails, Hers Are A Lot

Hugh Grant With His Arm Around Renee Zellweger

I have no idea who the most charming actor is, but I suspect if fans were asked to choose, Hugh Grant would pick up some votes. The handsome and talented Englishman has always been able to blend a good-natured demeanor with witticisms that are sometimes just the right level of cutting. In short, he’s always struck me as someone I’d love to hang out with (especially after watching Paddington 2), and apparently, his former co-star Renee Zellweger feels the same way. The two have stayed in touch over the years and still exchange emails, hers being a lot longer and a lot more cryptic.

Hugh Grant discussed the email exchanges during an interview with Sirius XM. He was asked about his wonderful chemistry with Zellweger, and it was clear from his answer he has a great fondness for the actress. You can check out a portion of his quote below…

I love Renee. She’s one of the few actresses I haven’t fallen out with. And we get on very well together. We still exchange long emails. Hers in particular, at least 70 pages each, interesting stuff, but quite hard to decipher She’s a properly good egg and a genius. Did you see her her Judy Garland?... About as good as acting gets.

The actor offered a wry little smile when he said she’s one of the few actresses he hasn’t fallen out with, as well as another one when he said her emails need to be deciphered. Clearly he gets along with other co-stars and clearly he doesn’t actually need a Turing Machine to figure out what she’s saying, but I think there’s also likely a lot of truth in what he’s saying too. As an actor, you work with so many people throughout your career. You can’t remain close to all of them. Obviously, both he and Zellweger have continued to put in the effort, and there’s not a single part of me that’s surprised that she writes wonderfully long emails filled with references and emotions that aren’t always easy to understand. She seems like that person, which is absolutely a compliment.

Grant and Zellweger, of course, worked together making Bridget Jones’s Diary, as well as the sequel Bridget Jones: The Edge Of Reason (but not the third one). Their chemistry throughout is great, whether they’re flirting or fighting. That chemistry came up in the interview, as well, and Grant admitted he gave his character an entire backstory that was never used in the movie. Here’s his take…

I quite enjoyed being Daniel Cleaver, I remember that and I related to him. He’s a disappointed man. He’s in publishing and he always wanted to write his own book and hadn’t. There was all that going on. I think I created an absolutely fascinating backstory to him, none of which comes through in the final performance.

Long story short, Hugh Grant is the absolute best. I want to be best friends with him, but unfortunately, that hasn’t happened, probably because his other options to hangout include Renee Zellweger. It’s wonderful to know they made such a connection they’re still emailing almost twenty years later, and while I’m not actively rooting for another Bridget Jones movie, I’d gladly watch it, especially if Grant brings back Daniel Cleaver, who, according to the last movie, has been found alive.

Mack Rawden
Mack Rawden

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