Adam Sandler, Ice Cube And More Pen Tributes To Late Actor Tiny Lister

Tom "Tiny" Lister was never quite a movie star, but with one of the most unique looks in all of Hollywood, he was a difficult man to miss. Once you'd seen the massive man in a role in one movie, you would forever recognize him any other time you saw him on the big screen. Last week fans were shocked to learn that Lister had passed away, and now his friends and collogues are saying goodbye, as those that appeared on screen with him through the years remember the man that they knew.

Tom Lister had over 200 film credits to his name from the mid-1980s on, including several productions that we have yet to see, and others that Lister was planning on doing when he passed away. Among the high profile movies where Lister could be found, was Adam Sandler's Little Nicky, and Sandler took to Twitter when he heard the news to pay his respects to the man that he remembered most as being sweet and funny.

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Tom Lister Jr. was known as "Tiny," which was one of those ironic nicknames one can get when you're 6'5" and somewhere in the neighborhood of 300 lbs. Lister was a massive individual and with his imposing size, shaved head, and menacing eyes, he was frequently, though not exclusively cast as characters who were meant to scare the hell out of you. However, from all counts, the real Tom Lister was anything but scary. Everybody remembers him as being incredibly warm and funny.

A lot of people likely discovered "Tiny" Lister in the role of Deebo in Ice Cube's comedy hit Friday. The film may have been the absolute perfect balance of Lister's ability to be both menacing and hilarious. Ice Cube also paid tribute to his friend.

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While the exact cause of Tom Lister's death is unknown, there is some evidence that he may have contracted COVID-19. This would make him far from the first high profile name to contract the disease. At 62, Lister may have technically been at higher risk for the disease but his death still came as a shock to those that new him. One such friend was the actor/rapper Ice-T, who not only appeared with Lister in films, but called the man a personal friend.

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There are countless other places that fans will remember seeing Tiny Lister. He the President of the Galaxy in The Fifth Element. If you were a pro wrestling fan in the 1980s and saw Hulk Hogan's No Holds Barred, you'll remember him in one of his earliest roles, as the villain Zeus, a gig which resulted in Lister appearing in a few matches at the time. Hulk Hogan also responded to the news of Lister's passing.

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It's clear that Tom Lister Jr. was not a tiny part of a lot of people's lives. He will certainly be missed.

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