How Gal Gadot Got Super Fit For Wonder Woman 1984

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It's no secret that superhero movies are everywhere. The comic book genre has become the most powerful in the film world and various studios have started cinematic universes as a result. On the DC side of things, Gal Gadot is gearing up to make her whopping fourth appearance as Diana Prince in Wonder Woman 1984. At this time she's experienced in being an ultra powerful Amazon, and now we know exactly how the actress gets into superhero shape.

While getting to play a comic book character is a dream job, it also requires a ton of work by actors. Part of the responsibility usually includes a hardcore exercise and dietary regimen, and Gal Gadot has gone through this process a number of times. Gadot's trainer Magnus Lygdback recently spoke about what her fitness routines includes, and how she gets ready for movies like Wonder Woman 1984. He listed common exercises, saying:

Leg press, front dumbbell squats, skaters and skate jumps — that's such a good one because it recruits fast-twitch muscle fibers and works all three of the glute muscles — pull-ups, lateral raises and a ton of core work. She's good at many things and picks up things pretty fast.

Gal Gadot definitely looks ultra fit as Wonder Woman in the DCEU. And this is no doubt especially important given that Wonder Woman's costume is far skimpier than her male counterparts. Luckily it seems that the 35 year-old actress is quite adept at physical training ahead of playing the role of Diana Prince.

Magnus Lygdback's comments to THR might be surprising because he doesn't list any mysterious exercises or routines. Instead, the trainer uses exercises that folks could do at home or at their local gym. Of course, Gal Gadot is treated to Lygdback's individual attention and motivation, and they seem to have a great working relationship.

Gal Gadot's tenure in the DCEU so far is available on HBO Max, which will also be the home of Wonder Woman 1984 on Christmas. You can use this link to sign up for the streaming service.

Getting into superhero shape helps Gal Gadot and her DCEU colleagues help to sell their comic book characters, especially during the thrilling action sequences. Gadot's Wonder Woman is one of the most powerful heroes in the shared universe, and moviegoers are eager to see her new adventure in 1984. And it looks like she'll be getting some exciting updates, including using her lasso of truth to swing from bolts of lightning.

It's been a long time coming for Wonder Woman 1984, which was delayed a number of times throughout the years. And while it was going to arrive in theaters over the summer, Warner Bros. pushed back Patty Jenkins' sophomore effort to December. And in order to ensure audiences can enjoy the film however they feel most comfortable, it's hitting both theaters and HBO Max simultaneously.

The contents of Wonder Woman 1984 has been kept under wraps, but Patty Jenkins is definitely playing with some intriguing concepts. In addition to the obvious time jump, the project will mysterious bring back Chris Pine's Steve Trevor. Additionally, fans are eager to see Gal Gadot's hero go toe to toe with a pair of new villains: Maxwell Lord and Cheetah.

Wonder Woman 1984 will hit both theaters and homes on December 25th. In the meantime, check out our 2021 release list to plan your movie experiences for next year.

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