Zack Snyder Shared New Justice League Image For New Year’s Day

The Justice League

For many, 2021 is just another year. Resolutions, regrets… the whole lot. For others, though, this is the year of Zack Snyder’s Justice League. And if you are one of the passionate fans who fought for years in the online trenches working to get the Snyder Cut of Justice League released (following the travesty that was the Joss Whedon-led theatrical cut), this is the year that your efforts are being rewarded. It’s the year of The Snyder Cut, and the director is sharing new images on social media to commemorate the accomplishment.

While the world tunes in to HBO Max to see the latest full adventure of Diana Prince (Gal Gadot), aka Wonder Woman, Zack Snyder is reminding DC faithful that they won’t have to wait years to see the Amazon Princess in action. Diana is integral to the Snyder Cut of Justice League, which we expect to be landing in March, and so Snyder shared this shot of his Wonder Woman. We’ll discuss context on the other side:

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Based solely on the costume that Gal Gadot is wearing in this image, it appears that this shot occurs shortly after Diana finds the arrow that was fired by the Amazonians from her home island of Themyscira, warning her of an impending danger. This was a scene that was included in theatrical cut, but it looks different in the Snyder Cut already, as we also saw it briefly in the trailer that HBO Max released for the film:

And from here, we fully expect the marketing campaign for Zack Snyder’s Justice League to kick into a higher gear. The director recently teased a second trailer to drop soon. HBO Max has been installing activations that fans have been capturing photos of on social media:

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But now we are at the stage where we don’t want to see the entire movie (or, four-part miniseries) parceled out in dribs and drabs in marketing materials. The fans who lobbied so hard to see this cut of Justice League undoubtedly want to see it as intended, in its entirety. But because this is an unusual release that was greenlit to help raise subscriptions for HBO Max, as well as the right a wrong that was committed back in 2017, expect a lot of awareness campaigns over the next few months.

We don’t have a hard and fast release date for The Snyder Cut of Justice League on HBO Max, though all indications say March as the release month. Once we know more, we’ll report it on CinemaBlend, so keep it locked in.

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