Jason Blum Crashes Car After Seeing Wall-E At A Drive-In, See The Wild Photo

With so many movie theaters still closed during the health crisis, unless one is somehow able to rent out a theater or has access to a private one, then the only way to enjoy the big screen experience in these strange times is by visiting a drive-in theater. That’s what Blumhouse Productions founder and CEO Jason Blum recently did, with Wall-E being his feature of choice. Unfortunately for Blum, he crashed his car soon after seeing the 2008 Pixar movie.

As the “old” saying goes, pics or it didn’t happen. Well, Jason Blum has done just that; take a look at his wrecked car following his Wall-E screening:

Whether or not the snowfall had anything to do with Jason Blum crashing his car, it’s fortunate that no one was hurt during the accident. Yes, the car obviously looks for wear, but it can at least it can be repaired or replaced. Nevertheless, of all the ways to kick off 2021, getting into a car crash is certainly among the less than desirable scenarios.

Fortunately, it sounds like Jason Blum’s Wall-E drive-thru experience was pleasant enough beforehand, with the snow positively adding to the ambience. Blum shared a look at the screening hours earlier on Twitter, oblivious to what was in store for him and his family after the screening:

Considering that Jason Blum runs a production company that’s chiefly known for its horror offerings, perhaps he could use this car accident to his advantage and turn it into a cinematic story. Think about it: a family is caught in a car accident in the middle of a snowstorm, but rather than safely making it back home like Blum did, they instead find their way to a creepy house filled with suspect inhabitants, or perhaps are hunted down by terrifying creatures in the nearby woods instead. Whatever the case, it’d be an easy enough tale for Blumhouse to deliver to the masses since the company’s cinematic works are usually made off a small budget.

For now though, Blumhouse Productions has enough to work on for the coming years, including Insidious 5, Five Nights at Freddy’s, an Exorcist sequel and a Spawn reboot. Blumhouse’s most recent movie was the Vince Vaughn-led body-swap horror comedy known as Freaky, which was met with a lot of positive reviews. Blumhouse has The Vigil, The Forever Purge and Halloween Kills dated for 2021, while next year will bring Paranormal Activity 7 and Halloween Ends.

As for Jason Blum’s drive-in selection this past weekend, Wall-E still ranks as one of Pixar’s more unique movies, with the story following a robot in the future who been left to clean up trash on a deserted Earth by itself. When a probe robot called EVE makes its way into Wall-E’s neck of the woods, the titular protagonist falls in love with her and ends up following her across the galaxy. Along with earning critical acclaim, Wall-E collected over $521 million worldwide. Pixar’s latest movie is Soul, which dropped on Disney+ and has also been incredibly well received.

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