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Gal Gadot Has TikTok Now And Most Of It's Cool Wonder Woman Content

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When an actor signs on to star in a major superhero film, it often becomes a lot more than simply playing a role. Robert Downey Jr. has certainly ascended into somewhat of a real-life Tony Stark since taking the first MCU film, and the DCEU’s Jason Momoa has used his platform as Aquaman to recently bring his trident to a child battling cancer. Wonder Woman 1984’s Gal Gadot has similarly become an icon and public figure, thanks to her comic book role. And now, she's finding a new way to connect with her fans through TikTok, and it’s wall-to-wall A+ Wonder Woman content.

Gal Gadot joined the social media platform in December and already has 1.4 million followers to her name. She's even added her own TikTok challenge for her fans to try, and the choice of background music is perfect. Check it:


After posting just a couple of hours ago today, over 150 people have already taken part in the Wonder Woman staring contest. It’s cute to see the video bring her indirectly together with fans. Here’s one fan's version of the challenge:


Otherwise, there are tons of other Wonder Woman ties to Gal Gadot’s TikTok. While she was getting dolled up to pay tribute to ‘80s fashion with help from a masked hair and makeup team, the actress posted this cute dance video:


Perhaps her best entry to TikTok is a music video she and Kristen Wiig made on the set of Wonder Woman 1984 in between takes. The pair made up a catchy song about “Gal and Krissy having fun” while playing around on the Smithsonian set. They’re clearly gal pals, and we’re so happy this exists:


Diana and Barbara Minerva’s budding friendship in Wonder Woman 1984 was a huge highlight within the movie, and it’s great to see that the two actresses actually became great friends on the set of the sequel. We’d obviously love to see more of the fun hangouts between these two, but we know it ends in a big cat fight between them. Thankfully, Wonder Woman will be a trilogy, and the door isn’t closed when it comes to Cheetah’s return.

In addition, Gal Gadot has also taken some time on her TikTok to comment on fans' creativity on the site. One user posted an incredible version of Wonder Woman’s Golden Armor, and Gadot took to TikTok to share her love for all her hard work:


There’s a huge community of Wonder Woman, fans and TikTok is giving Gal Gadot a chance to have some great virtual interactions with the fans. Wonder Woman 1984 is in theaters and streaming exclusively on HBO Max this month, which you can sign up for now. Check out the entire upcoming DCEU lineup on CinemaBlend.

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