Jason Momoa Sends Aquaman’s Trident And More To Young Fan Battling Cancer

Aquaman Jason Momoa hanging with sharks

Playing a superhero sometimes feels akin to actually being a superhero, especially when you go about the experience like Aquaman star Jason Momoa does. Not content with being an awesome figure of strength and justice on screen, the DC Comics actor has done something rather beautiful for a young fan battling cancer. Not only did he have an awesome replica of his own on-screen trident sent to the young man pictured below, he also had a ton of merch included in the thoughtful package.

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The young person you see in the above photo is named Danny Sheehan, and through some celebrity magic, he’s now become a keeper of Aquaman’s trident. Captured on his Instagram account, Jason Momoa was able to hook up Danny with a bunch of awesome merch from Sideshow Collectables’ line of Aquaman products. But of course, the centerpiece is that sweet trident, which you can see Danny wielding for good in the slideshow above.

What’s even more amazing is that Jason Momoa’s good deed is a follow-up to his previous interactions with Danny, whose story had come to his attention through a previous instance of internet outreach. It’s all another example of just how much of a good dude superhero actors, and Momoa specifically, can be. This is, after all, the man who postponed filming Aquaman 2 partially by sticking to his guns and engaging in activism that was close to his heart. Momoa’s a man of principles, so being the good guy is definitely his thing. However, your heart will probably melt after reading the message he sent Danny Sheehan in his Aquaman kit:

Can’t wait to ride on some dolphins with you, Danny. Love, Uncle Aquaman.

Jason Momoa’s dedication to a young Aquaman fan is much like Ryan Reynolds and his rounds of doing good with his Deadpool character. Though now that we’ve mentioned it, we wouldn’t be surprised if in a post-COVID world, Momoa would take a page out of Reynolds’ playbook and show up dressed as his superpowered alter ego, ready to entertain sick children. Just imagine how many smiles could come out of that meet and greet!

It’s easy to play a superhero, as seen in the insane number of comic adaptations that hit the market each year. But a truly super person takes the time out for fans in need and brings them something that’ll brighten their day. That’s exactly what Jason Momoa has done here, and the results are absolutely impressive. He might be the king of Atlantis, but Mr. Momoa has probably earned the loyalty of scores of royal subjects on dry land with this beautiful and thoughtful gesture.

Should you be stuffed to the gills with anticipation for Aquaman 2, the film is still slotted for a December 16, 2022 release date. But should that change at any point, we’ll deliver the updates here at CinemaBlend as they happen. Though you'll definitely see Jason Momoa in 2021, as he's not only in Zack Snyder's Justice League, but also the Warner Bros/Legendary adaptation of Dune. Check out the 2021 release schedule and see when he'll be making waves next!

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