Wonder Woman 1984’s Patty Jenkins Shoots Down Rumor About Feud With Warner Bros.

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The DC Extended Universe ha a unique life in theaters, including both peaks and valleys. When the studio was still getting its footing, Patty Jenkins' 2017 blockbuster Wonder Woman proved exactly what the shared universe was capable of. She and Gal Gadot returned for Wonder Woman 1984, which had an unprecedented release in both theaters and HBO Max. Jenkins has been open on social media and interviews about her work on the sequel, and she recently shut down a rumor about a supposed feud with Warner Bros.

Patty Jenkins became a household name thanks to her work on the original Wonder Woman movie, going on to work on a TV series as well as her new gig directing Star Wars: Rogue Squadron. Fans were eager to see her dive back into the DCEU with 1984, but there were recent reports of the filmmaker's beef with the powers that be at Warner Bros. Now Jenkins has taken to social media to clear things up, posting:

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And there you have it. While some outlets covered a story about a "war" between Patty Jenkins and the studio over Wonder Woman 1984, the filmmaker herself has seemingly put them to a rest. In fact, Jenkins went so far as to say she felt very supported by Warner Bros. when working on her pair of superhero movies.

Patty Jenkins' response to those Wonder Woman 1984 rumors comes from her personal Twitter, which she often uses to speak directly with DC fans out there. Jenkins has amassed a whopping 261K followers on the social media outlet, and she used this platform to shut down a rumor about what it was like working with Warner Bros. on her DC blockbusters.

Both Wonder Woman movies are currently available on HBO Max. You can use this link to sign up for the streaming service.

This tweet by Patty Jenkins about the support she felt from the studio does make a great deal of sense. After all, Wonder Woman 1984 clocked in at 151 minutes upon its release. The story was a lengthy one, and Jenkins previously admitted that not many scenes ended up on the cutting room floor. So if there was a "war" there isn't any evidence of it in the film itself.

It should be interesting to see if/how Patty Jenkins' collaboration with Warner Bros. continues moving forward. As she mentioned she felt supported by the studio when making Wonder Woman 1984 and its predecessor, and fans are already hoping that a third movie is green lit. Additionally, Jenkins has also expressed interest in making an Amazon spinoff, allowing her to further delve into Diana Prince's homeland on Themiscyra.

Whatever future Wonder Woman plans Patty Jenkins has, they'll likely be put on the back burner as the 49 year-old filmmaker dives into the galaxy far, far away with Star Wars: Rogue Squadron. This will mark the first Star Wars movie since The Rise of Skywalker, and Jenkins seems like a great choice as director. Until then, DC fans will have to hope and wait for any word about the future of Diana Prince's life on the big screen.

Wonder Woman 1984 is in theaters and on HBO Max now. Be sure to check out our 2021 release list to plan your next movie experience.

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