Bond 26? How Bridgerton’s Rege-Jean Page Responded After Fans Couldn’t Get Enough Of Him As 007

Rege-Jean Page in Bridgerton

Since Bridgerton's release on Christmas day, the series has dominated Netflix’s top 10 list and, as of this writing, it even ranks at number one. The popularity of the British period drama may in part be due to its connection to Shonda Rhimes, the producer behind long-running medical series Grey’s Anatomy. However, the picture-perfect casting of the central couple and their steamy exchanges seem to have had a lot to do with the show’s virility as well. Regé-Jean Page, who plays the Duke of Hastings and half of the passionate lead couple, has seen some of the momentum of Bridgerton carry into his own career. Many have even pegged Page as the perfect candidate for the next James Bond. And not only Page heard about this, but he also has his own opinions on the matter.

Regé-Jean Page recently appeared on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon to discuss the success of Bridgerton. During the interview, he responded to the suggestion of him possibly taking on the iconic James Bond role at some point in the future. In his own words:

I think the internet thinks a lot of things, and that is one of the more pleasant ones, so I can be pleased as far as that goes. But no, I think there might be an element of like cultural translation to be done here. If you’re a Brit and you do something of any kind of renown that people regard well, then people start saying the B-word. You know it’s like a merit badge. You get the B-word merit badge.

Regé-Jean Page may appear to be downplaying the rumors a little bit here, stating that the British like to bestow the worthiness of Bond on any actor who plays a character they like well. However, it doesn’t sound like the idea is unpleasant to Page. In fact, he may have had a heavy hand in starting the rumors himself. Page posted a promo for Bridgerton on his Twitter before the release of the show captioned “Shaken and stirred”. While this is a clear nod to Bond, it’s unclear if Page’s intentions were to throw his hat in the ring for the future title of 007. Whether he did or not, it still may have indeed planted the idea in the heads of fans.

As of right now, Daniel Craig is technically still James Bond. Craig currently holds the title, as his last Bond film, No Time to Die, has been delayed due to COVID and has yet to see a release. No Time to Die will be the 25th Bond movie over the course of close to 60 years. With Craig having been 007 for 15 of those years, and the only Bond of recognition to a whole generation, his retirement from the role leaves quite the void. As all Brits know though, Bond is forever, and there is no time to waste in finding that next perfect man to play the iconic role.

Bridgerton’s Regé-Jean Page seems to be the newest name to get added to the list of actors who could make a good run of the smooth spy. As the actor even mentions during his interview with Fallon, he's in good company at the moment. However, it’s impossible to know who the next Bond will be, as the producers aren’t talking. CinemaBlend will continue to follow the "Saga of the Bonds", so be sure to check back for any future Bond updates.

No Time to Die is currently set to release on April 2, 2021.

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