Halloween Kills’ Jamie Lee Curtis Shares Feelings About Being 22 Years Sober

Jamie Lee Curtis has had a long and successful career in Hollywood, starting with her star-making moment in John Carpenter's 1978 classic Halloween. The public has followed her on the big screen, and been privy to her marriage with filmmaker Christopher Guest. Curtis has also been open about her sobriety journey and issues with substance abuse, and now she's celebrating her whopping 22nd year of sobriety.

In the past few years, Jamie Lee Curtis has truly opened herself up to the public regarding her private battle with substance issues. It's an inspiring tale, one that peels back the curtain on the hidden struggles behind celebrity. Now she's offered even more of this personal aspect of her life, posting in celebration of her two-decade journey towards healthier living. Check it out below,

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Talk about inspiring. Jamie Lee Curtis isn't merely celebrating 22 years of sobriety. Instead, she's opening up about an issue that is so often a private one. And the actress seemingly hopes that it'll inspire others to take their step towards living one day at a time. What a legend.

The above post comes to us from Jamie Lee Curtis' personal Instagram page. The iconic actress often uses social media to directly communicate with her followers about subjects like politics, pandemic safety protocols, as well as her upcoming role in Halloween Kills. This time Curtis shared an old photo of herself, while also giving an inspiring message about her recovery process.

As she's previously revealed, Jamie Lee Curtis is a recovering alcoholic who also had an addiction to painkillers. When speaking about her time using, Curtis revealed that it was such an insidious addiction because she was able to continue thriving professionally, keeping it hidden from those around her. She eventually got sober back in 1999, and has spent decades living one day at a time.

22 years is a ton of time, and Jamie Lee Curtis has seemingly worked every day of those decades striving toward her recovery. That sum might seem impossible for those who are struggling to get sober, but Curtis' decades show that it's possible. And judging from the caption, that was part of her reasoning for posting this very personal message.

Professionally, Jamie Lee Curtis has been involved in a number of successful projects over the past few years. 2018's Halloween brought her back to her signature character Laurie Strode, and it made a whopping $255.5 million. What's more, she also played a major role in Rian Johson's Knives Out, which was another hit and was even nominated for an Oscar for Best Screenplay.

After the last Halloween made a killing at the box office, two more movies were quickly ordered. Unfortunately Halloween Kills was delayed a full year, and is now expected to hit theaters this October. Jamie Lee Curtis has been helping to buoy anticipation for the upcoming horror flick, and even John Carpenter has praised its contents.

Halloween Kills is currently expected to arrive in theaters on October 15th. In the meantime, check out our 2021 release list to plan your next movie experience.

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