Halloween's Jamie Lee Curtis Not Going Pantsless Like Alexandra Daddario, But Did Learn Pants Lesson In Quarantine Era

As we rapidly approach the one-year mark since the world shut down and many of us, celebs included, took a quarantine hiatus, there are plenty of lessons that have been learned. For some celebrities, these lessons have played out in the spotlight, as celebs like Alexandra Daddario have admitted they've given up on niceties like pants completely. And while Knives Out and Halloween star Jamie Lee Curtis didn’t intentionally go the pants-free route in quarantine, she did recently reveal she tried to get a little dressed up for the inauguration this week. Turns out, that was a mistake.

As a stay-at-home actress right now, Jamie Lee Curtis has not been getting dressed up very often. She ultimately decided to pull out her blue jeans on the day Joe Biden took his Oath of Office. It was a case of nice idea, poor execution, however, as it turns out her pants no longer fit.

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Ah, the dreaded quarantine 15. We’ve heard about it in the news and many of us have seen it play out on our own bodies. But even celebrities are not immune to the lack of movement and the boredom snacking that many of us have indulged in over the last few months and months… and months. Never forget.

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Meanwhile, some of her fellow celebs have just been embracing the pants-free lifestyle. Halle Berry seems particularly into this new way of living, but she’s not the only one. Alexandra Daddario also had an amusing post joking about pants and other items we used to take for granted in our wardrobes a few months back, noting at the time she was embracing no-pants living in 2020.

Night shoot day off all dressed up; put on hat, color coordinated mask to outfit. Still haven’t worn shoes in weeks unless required for work. I don’t know why I own pants anymore. Or jewelry. I actually saw a pair of jeans in my luggage and wasn’t sure what they were. Decided to put them on, and honestly, why did we ever wear those things in the first place?

The point is, why choose jeans when leggings are an option? Or better yet, pajamas? Sales of athletic gear have been hot over the past year and were up over 9% during the holiday season in 2020. It’s been a weird year. Some businesses are down; some businesses are booming. I’d also venture to guess it probably doesn’t help the jean market that various fashion brands can’t decide what sorts of denim to really push, with some going hard on the flares, other sticking to skinnies, boot cuts, mom jeans and even those weird ankle jeans with the mini flares (sorry not sorry if you’re a fan).

I guess though with so much choice, perhaps Jamie Lee Curtis can simply adjust to her newfound quarantine weight and try some new looks. From her post, it sounds as if she’ll be the next celeb to jump on the weight loss train in quarantine, following the likes of Rebel Wilson, Tiffany Haddish, Adele, Jessica Simpson and so on and so forth down the line.

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