Dune’s Zendaya Reveals Her Favorite Part Of Working With Co-Star Timothee Chalamet

Zendaya and Timothee Chalamet in Dune
(Image credit: (Warner Bros))
(Image credit: (Warner Bros))

Spider-Man: Homecoming’s MJ and Euphoria’s Emmy-winner Zendaya is part of a few of the most anticipated movies of the year, including Denis Villeneuve’s take on the sci-fi classic, Dune, set to hit theaters and HBO Max this fall. The epic was originally going to come out this past year, but... 2020. Now, ahead of the release, the actress has shared the relationship she formed with her co-stars, particularly Timothée Chalamet.

While she was a guest on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, Zendaya talked about how much she is “geeking out” like everyone else about getting to see the movie on the big screen later this year just like we are. She also spoke about getting to know Chalamet on the production. In her words:

He's become one of my closest friends, and he’s lovely and so talented. I think my favorite part was when we would have these, like, dance parties in my room, where I would leave the door open, Timothée would come in with his little speaker, and then everybody would start coming in and we'd just start dancing.

It sounds like Timothée Chalamet brought the party to set in between shooting, and it was a blast for Zendaya and the rest of the cast. The two have both really come up in Hollywood in the past few years especially with some highly-praised projects each of them has been a part of. Apparently, a lot of the cast was included in these Dune dance parties too. As Zendaya continued:

Listen, [Javier Bardem] peaked in. He was grooving. I was like, OK Javier! He had the moves, I was very impressed.

You know what they say, it’s not a party until Javier Bardem walks in. Dune is a major production and must have been quite an intense shoot. It’s nice to hear the cast took the pressure off with some dance parties on the side. The cast is massive, also including Jason Momoa, Josh Brolin, Oscar Isaac, Dave Bautista, Stellan Skarsgard and Charlotte Rampling. I’d imagine it was a dream come true for the young actors to work alongside them. Check out the trailer below:

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Warner Bros announced that it would be releasing all of its 2021 films in theaters and HBO Max at the same time throughout the year, including Dune. Although, writer/director Denis Villeneuve is not happy about this decision to bring the film to streaming. He believes the movie to be his “best” yet and is worried that without a traditional theatrical release it could have “killed” the Dune franchise and its future.

Before Dune hits theaters on October 1, Zendaya stars in a brand new Netflix movie with Tenet’s John David Washington, Malcolm & Marie. The black & white drama by Euphoria creator Sam Levinson was filmed in quarantine and centers on a couple’s heated argument after returning home from a movie premiere. It’s available to see on Netflix now.

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