James Gunn Has An A+ Response To Viral Video Of Little Kid Kicking Thanos While He's Down

Comic book fans are spoiled these days as every major superhero and even so many of the minor ones, are getting their own movies and TV series. Beyond that, the continuity that comic book fans love has now become part of film, thanks to the Marvel Cinematic Universe and the still never clearly named equivalent from DC. Of course, comic fans would love to see something even bigger. The combination of Marvel and DC heroes is something that has only rarely ever been done officially, but a new viral video shows what something like that might look like. Sort of.

A video has been making the rounds on social media that brings DC and Marvel together, as Batman is on hand to help the Avengers in fighting Thanos at some sort of kids' birthday party. A bunch of people are wearing mascot costumes in the video where a small child comes up to help his heroes and he completely blasts Thanos in the skull. It's the shot heard round the world, and James Gunn has the perfect response.

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James Gunn is having a lot of fun with this video, as are many people on social media. I mean, to be fair, the only thing that would have made Avengers: Endgame better would have been if Batman had been in it, so Gunn may be on to something here.

Even the other performers in this little show can't help but react to the kids going a little wild on Thanos. One hopes that costume head is well padded and that whoever is inside that suit ended up ok. He takes a pretty serious kick to the head. Those outfits probably aren't designed to take that level of punishment. I suppose it shows just how seriously some kids can take their superhero movies.

Thanos is about as terrible as they come, even if he thinks he did the right thing. He did obliterate half of all life in the universe. That's certainly an act that justifies a kick to the skull. At least it would if it were, you know, real.

Unfortunately, while Marvel and DC have done the occasional crossover in the pages of their respective comics, it seems like the longest of shots that we would ever get something like that on the big screen. If a deal between WB and Disney that would allow for such things impossible? Maybe not, but this would be a step above Disney and Sony sharing custody of Spider-Man.

This would be a studio deal for the ages. Until then, we'll just have to experience the, probably unlicensed characters in costumes and fan video to see what a battle like this would really look like.

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