Looks Like WandaVision's Pietro Was Referencing Another X-Men Movie Character

SPOILERS are ahead for WandaVision on Disney+. If you haven’t caught up... why?

We always knew WandaVision might open up new TV show realities and doors for the MCU, but the reveal of Evan Peters returning as Quicksilver certainly threw us for a loop. Last time we checked, Wanda’s twin brother was played by Aaron Taylor-Johnson, and Peters’ version appeared in Fox’s former X-Men franchise. The surprise casting has inspired all kinds of theories, but did you catch a bonus X-Men reference in WandaVision?

In the ‘90s-themed sixth episode of WandaVision titled “All-New Halloween Spooktacular,” the cast dresses up in their classic comic book costumes to trick-or-treat. Evan Peters’ Pietro rocked Quicksilver’s classic blue suit, with a bit more volume in his hair than you’d expect from the Marvel hero. WandaVision’s hairstylist Karen Bartek confirmed that it was partially meant as a direct reference to Wolverine’s look during an interview with IndieWire, saying,

It was something that Matt really [wanted]. They kind of planned that.

The Marvel references just don’t stop do they? There have been a ton of subtle nudges in the last few episodes in particular, and Pietro going full Wolverine with the hair gel is a fun nod – perhaps to remind us further that Evan Peters’ version is not of the universe he is currently interacting with. Many fans have been whispering "multiverse" since Quicksilver walked through Wanda’s door, but also because Elizabeth Olsen’s powerful hero is set to star alongside Benedict Cumberbatch in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.

Developments in regard to the idea of infinite universes is also something that has been swirling around the mysterious upcoming Spider-Man movie with Tom Holland, which also has been rumored to include a major multiverse storyline. It's been confirmed that prior villains from other Spider-Man franchises are expected to enter into the mix. Alfred Molina from Spider-Man 2 is said to be reprising his role as Doc Ock and Jamie Foxx from the Amazing Spider-Man 2 coming back as Electro.

We’ll have to wait and see if and how Marvel decides to bring in more characters from outside the Cinematic Universe that was first established with Jon Favreau's Iron Man, but for now, an Easter egg pointing to Wolverine is exciting in of itself because Disney now has the power to bring in mutants and knife-knuckled badass characters like Logan whenever they want to. Even if it's just all in good fun.

Marvel Chief Kevin Feige has previously confirmed that mutants will make their way into the Marvel Cinematic Universe soon enough, along with the Fantastic Four. Comic book fans will know that Wanda in the comics is classically a mutant, so WandaVision most definitely isn’t a bad place for the X-Men references to really begin. But don’t expect Hugh Jackman’s character to come strolling in – the actor made it a point to bow out gracefully with Logan back in 2017. Unless…?

The next WandaVision episode drops this Friday, and stick with us here on CinemaBlend for more breakdowns of how Disney+’s first Marvel series shakes out.

Sarah El-Mahmoud
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