Michael Fassbender Is Making Another Assassin Movie, And It's Better News Than An Assassin’s Creed Sequel

Assassin's Creed Michael Fassbender wields his dagger

Whether you liked it or not, Michael Fassbender starring in an adaptation of Assassin’s Creed was a good call. Between his physicality and the acting prowess that the actor possesses, putting Fassbender into the role of an ace assassin is a casting call that no one should argue with. It’s that bedrock principle that makes what we’re about to announce all the more sweet, as Michael Fassbender is making another assassin movie. Sadly or not-so-sadly, he won't be giving an Assassin’s Creed sequel a pass, but there is some good news for those who like to watch their content at home.

With those caveats out of the way, it’s time to get to the really good news in this announcement. Per reporting from THR, the French graphic novel Killer is being adapted as an original film for Netflix. Titled The Killer, this tale will see Michael Fassbender play a hitman who’s starting to have his doubts about his chosen profession, with the consequences of that state of mind showing in his well-being. “Hardboiled noir” is a term that’s been thrown around for this film, which only heightens the big reunion The Killer is about to bring to the world. Yes, there's more good news related to this project.

In fact, The Killer will see Se7en writer Andrew Kevin Walker handling the film’s script, with director David Fincher stepping behind the camera. Fincher, a Netflix loyalist after projects like Mindhunter and Mank, may sound like a surprising choice to direct this graphic novel interpretation. However, The Killer has been in his court since 2007, when he had initially intended to team up with another Se7en collaborator, actor Brad Pitt, to make it happen. So score another win in the “better late than never” column for the director that was supposed to bring us World War Z 2.

Pairing Michael Fassbender with David Fincher is no small happening though, as these skilled professionals feel like they’d really dig each other’s work ethic. Just as Fassbender proved through his Alien collaborations with director Ridley Scott, the man generally seems to be game for anything. Plus, The Killer gives off a vibe that sounds so up Michael Fassbender’s alley I can't think of a better person in the gig. Think of it as a pseudo-sequel to that Magneto origin story we saw playing out in X-Men: First Class, only without the Marvel trademarked powers. No?

There’s no clear-cut information on when exactly we should expect The Killer in theaters and our Netflix streaming queues, though the projected fall 2021 start date for production would indicate that we’ll be paid a visit by this crumbling assassin at some point in 2022. And who knows? Maybe, if The Killer goes well enough, and Michael Fassbender is daring enough, Assassin’s Creed 2 could one day be resurrected, perhaps even with David Fincher in the director’s chair. OK, it’s not likely, but if we could come close to Fincher making World War Z 2, then almost anything feels possible.

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