Apparently Michael Fassbender Was Being Eyed For A Spider-Man Villain Role

Michael Fassbender as Magento

Even though it’s not even ten years old yet, The Amazing Spider-Man feels like a distant memory. Though it received middling reviews, it still has its fans and it's interesting to hear about the creative process and what could have been. With that said, some fans may be interested to hear Michael Fassbender was eyed for the villain of the movie.

Concept artist Jerad S. Marantz, who worked The Amazing Spider-Man, shared old concept art of The Lizard on social media. You might recall that Rhys Ifans eventually took the role. However, since Michael Fassbender was in consideration to play the villain, Jared S. Marantz included Michael Fassbender’s key features in the concept art. Check it out:

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I can totally see Michael Fassbender’s facial features in the concept art, but I’m not sure if that’s a good thing. In the comments, one fan questioned if the idea to add more human facial features to The Lizard was Jerad S. Marantz idea or the studios. It’s a good question that Jerad S. Marantz didn’t reply to.

Michael Fassbender obviously didn’t get the role, perhaps because he had just played the infamous villain Magento in X-Men: First Class around the same time. While it would be interesting to see how he’d play The Lizard, it’s probably for the best he stayed away from The Amazing Spider-Man.

Michael Fassbender’s latest, and likely last, time playing Magento was in the 2019 release of X-Men: Dark Phoenix, a movie that was crushed by poor critical reviews and weak box office sales. It's a sad way for the actor and his character to ride off into the sunset. He was one of the most consistent parts in a sometimes shaky franchise.

With the purchase of 20th Century Fox by Disney in 2019, many wondered if Michael Fassbender and his co-stars would return for another, but Kevin Feige hinted that the characters won’t return until Marvel’s Phase Five. By then, all the characters would likely be totally recast.

In Spider-Man news, Tom Holland confirmed a new Spider-Man movie is coming in the MCU, sooner rather than later. As you might recall, Spider-Man: Far From Home ended in an epic cliffhanger. Soon after, the franchise was embroiled in a studio dispute between Marvel and Sony, with Sony potentially going it alone. However, that was settled and Spider-Man 3 is scheduled to shoot in July with a release date of 2021.

Meanwhile, Michael Fassbender is rumored to be cast in the The Wild Bunch, a western directed by Mel Gibson, which also is reported to star Jason Momoa, an actor Fassbender helped out at one point in time for a superhero role.

Jason Ingolfsland