Jennifer Garner And Mark Ruffalo Just Posted A Totally Adorable 13 Going On 30 Mini-Reunion

Jennifer Garner and Mark Ruffalo in 13 Going on 30
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Who can forget the ultimate warm blanket of a rom-com that is 2004’s 13 Going on 30? The movie starred Jennifer Garner as a preteen of the ‘80s who wishes to be thirty, flirty and thriving, and finds herself to be suddenly an adult and working for a major magazine in NYC. Garner’s Jenna shakes things up for her future body switcheroo when she reunites with her childhood bestie, Mark Ruffalo’s Matty, for some nostalgia and Razzles. Now the pair are jumping to the present day!

Over 15 years after the release of 13 Going on 30, Mark Ruffalo shared a brand new photo with Jennifer Garner that is so cute I’m ready to break into the “Thriller” dance right here and now. Check it out:

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It’s so sweet to see the actors back together and all smiles as Mark Ruffalo references Razzles. Garner also posted the same photo, along with saying her “wishing dust worked” and she got a “perfect day” with her old pal. Mark Ruffalo and Jennifer Garner came together on the set of Shawn Levy’s The Adam Project, which also stars Ryan Reynolds and Zoe Saldana.

Interestingly enough, The Adam Project follows Reynolds as a character that has to travel back in time to get help from his 13-year-old self and late father in order to save the world. Mark Ruffalo will play Reynolds’ father from the past, who is a brilliant physicist, who he hopes has the answers he needs. We don’t know who Jennifer Garner plays in the film, but wouldn’t it be perfect if she played his mom and wife to Ruffalo’s character? The Adam Project sounds like reverse 13 Going On 30 and I’m living for this reunion!

Mark Ruffalo and Jennifer Garner clearly enjoy hanging out together and have a lot of love for 13 Going On 30. This past year, the Avengers actor shared a throwback photo of the pair to celebrate the film’s anniversary, and just look how cute these two were in the 2004 movie:

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When the actor’s made the movie, it was a particularly exciting time for the both of them. Jennifer Garner was in the middle of her time as Sydney Bristow in Alias, and Mark Ruffalo had a particularly eventful 2004 with credits in Collateral with Tom Cruise and Jamie Foxx, and Eternal Sunshine with Jim Carrey and Kate Winslet. Oh, and a young Brie Larson was right along with them as a child actor (prior to her role as Captain Marvel) playing one of the mean girls in the film.

This reunion image seriously has me excited for The Adam Project, currently being filmed in Canada, which will be Shawn Levy’s second collaboration with Reynolds after Free Guy, coming this May. Here’s hoping the pair will get a larger 13 Going On 30 reunion in the time travel film!

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