Mark Ruffalo Is Playing Ryan Reynolds’ Dad In New Movie, But It Totally Makes Sense

Ryan Reynolds has certainly made his share of movies that have had unbelievable premises. And yet, it turns out the new movie The Adam Project, which will have Mark Ruffalo playing the actor's father is, in fact, not the craziest idea for a movie yet. While Mark Ruffalo was nine-years-old when Reynolds was born, the new movie will actually see Reynolds as a time traveler, who needs the help of his younger self and his father in order to save the world.

Ryan Reynolds just finished up one Netflix movie with Red Notice, but according to THR, production just got underway with The Adam Project, which is also set for Netflix. Reynolds will play a time traveler who goes back in time to when he was 13-years-old because he needs the help of his deceased father, a brilliant physicist, in order to "save the future" though what brand of world ending calamity the film deals with is unclear. Newcomer Walker Scobell will play the younger version of Reynolds' character. Catherine Keener will play the character's mother alongside Ruffalo's father. And those aren't the only big names on board. Zoe Saldana and Jennifer Garner are also slated to appear.

Alex Mallari Jr. is also set to appear, playing the villain's right hand man. This of course, confirms that there is a villain character in The Adam Project, though it's unclear at this point exactly who that is. For sheer star power I'd put my money on Zoe Saldana, but we'll have to wait and see.

While the premise certainly could lead to some solid laughs, the film doesn't appear to be a comedy and is more focused on the science fiction adventure elements. Having said that, there will almost certainly be a place for trademark Ryan Reynolds one-liners. Since playing Deadpool it feels like that character has inhabited every Ryan Reynolds performance to one degree or another. The Adam Project is being directed by Shawn Levy who most recently directed Reynolds in the currently delayed Free Guy.

The Adam Project will mark Ryan Reynolds third recent Netflix production following Michael Bay's 6 Underground and the forthcoming Red Notice. At this point the steaming service is becoming such a popular destination for big name actors that it's almost not as surprising anymore. And especially considering that while film productions are still underway, the actual release of theatrical films are still a major question mark, Netflix is in as strong a position as ever to lure big talent and major projects.

With an interesting premise and a solid cast, The Adam Project sounds like it could be a solid movie. With production underway now we could see the movie as early as this time next year.

Dirk Libbey
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