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TikToker Is Going Viral For Having A Bathroom Mirror Straight Out Of Candyman

Is there anything more horrifying than when you turn on a horror movie and “based on a true story” pops up on the screen? Now the Candyman story may not have earned that title exactly, but the 1992 film and the upcoming follow-up starring Yayha Abdul-Mateen are very much rooted in a true story about a man who came out of a bathroom mirror in the Chicago housing projects and murdered the 52-year-old woman who lived there. Now a TikToker has just unveiled an aspect of her New York apartment that is eerily similar.

Samantha Hartsoe had the social media platform on edge on Wednesday when she slowly shared a four-part video series that starts with an unexplainable cold draft coming from her bathroom. Check out how the viral TikTok story starts:


Samantha Hartsoe was feeling a constant bit of cold air in her bathroom, which she deducted wasn’t coming from her air vent or light switch. It could only be the room’s mirror, which she teased, and that brought nervous viewers to this second installment where she found out what was behind the drafty mirror:


Well… that’s terrifying. Samantha Hartsoe invited some friends over, masked up and decided to crawl into the room behind her mirror. It was a huge cliffhanger, leading to this third part:


She decided to bring a hammer with her as a weapon, strapped a flashlight on her head and actually went to the other side. It’s already such an insane story that definitely could be the makings of a new horror movie on its own. OK, so now we’re really on edge. Let’s see how the saga concluded:


Armed with her hammer, the TikToker toured the secret room that she called a “whole other apartment,” but clearly not fit for anyone to live in. It was super cold down there and full of trash bags and dismantled appliances. The video thankfully ended with Samantha Hartsoe back in the safety of her apartment and stating that her landlord is going to get a “really fun phone call,” captioning that she’ll be cementing the mirror down somehow.

Does anyone else have chills down their spine right now? A lot of us living in apartments are probably going to look at our mirrors a whole other way after seeing this video now. If someone had been living there, they’d have pretty easy access to her apartment. It’s layouts like this that certainly caused the true crime that happened back in the 1980s to Ruthie Mae McCoy in Chicago, which later inspired Candyman.

The original Candyman, Tony Todd, will return for Nia DaCosta’s take on the modern classic, starring Watchmen’s Yayha Abdul-Mateen and WandaVision’s Teyonah Parris. Candyman is currently set to be released on August 27.

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