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New Godzilla Vs. Kong Image Features The Titans’ Scars From Their Epic Fight

Godzilla vs. Kong has already become one of the most anticipated movies of the year. While there's a lot we still aren't sure about regarding the 2021 film slate, we know that the two behemoth monsters are going to face off. And with the first trailer we saw that the battle between the two would literally pull no punches. Now a new poster has been released that shows the two monsters who are suffering a bit from their battle, with each one covered in scars.

Check out the image below, from Kaiju News Outlet, which shows Kong and Godzilla clearly in the middle of their battle. But with neither one looking to back down. Humanity is there as well, in the form of planes and helicopters, but considering just how tiny they all look, it seems unlikely that they're going to have much of an impact on the outcome of this clash.

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While a still image may not be quite as exciting as a full-motion movie trailer, this image packs a lot of action into its single shot. You can feel that the fight between these two prior to this moment has been brutal, but that neither one is ready to ready to give up. You can also feel the helplessness of humanity, looking so tiny and clearly unable to do much of anything beyond watch.

What we don't really understand yet is exactly why these two have found the need to beat the hell out of each other. We know it's at least theoretically possible for the massive kaiju in this universe to get along, or at least not always beat the hell out of each other. Whether one of these two is the real aggressor, the "bad guy" in this fight, is unclear. It seems more likely that the fight between the two is one of necessity for one or the other. Perhaps there's an external force at work pushing the conflict into happening.

As with other massive battles between fan-favorite characters like Batman v Superman, there's a good chance that Godzilla vs. Kong will actually end with the two title characters on the same side fighting together. Which very likely will be just as awesome as any fight between them. At the same time, the film's marketing has made it clear that one of the two title characters will "fall." There's a strong impression that either Godzilla or Kong won't survive the events of this film.

It's possible that one could "fall" without actually dying, but that feels like a bit of a cop out. It's more likely that one of the creatures will die, but perhaps not at the hands of the other title character. These sorts of things rarely see a definitive winner between two fan-favorite characters, as you will almost certainly upset half the fan base if their favorite creature dies at the hands of the other when they don't believe that should happen.

However it all shakes out, Godzilla vs. Kong, the grudge match for the ages, will take place, both in theaters and on HBO Max, on March 31.

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