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People Hoping To Visit Disney World Soon May Be Out Of Luck

As March pushes forward, we’re soon approaching springtime, which is typically a great time for families, couples and friends to take some time off and vacation somewhere sunny. And Florida’s Walt Disney World has long been a favorite spot among fans of thrill rides and House of Mouse-themed magic. But if you’re looking to travel over to Orlando this month, it may be best to act soon, because reservations are quickly filling up.

As of Wednesday, the third week of March is completely unavailable to book across all four Walt Disney theme parks in Florida, and there’s dwindling availability for the rest of the month. As displayed on the Disney World website, there are currently no tickets available to purchase from Saturday, March 13 to Saturday, March 20.

Looking ahead, Magic Kingdom tickets look to be completely unavailable from now until mid-April. Additionally, Disney’s Animal Kingdom and Disney’s Hollywood Studios also have limited tickets for the next month, but there’s much hope for those looking to book Epcot soon. Walt Disney Parks in Florida is reportedly operating at 35% capacity, but it's clear the amusement parks are becoming a popular destination again this spring. The parks previously hit the COVID-19 safe capacity during this past holiday season.

For context, that could be in the neighborhood of 18,000 people visiting Magic Kingdom per day throughout the month, as opposed to 60,000 people who may have visited the amusement park on a busy day before COVID-19 protocols were put in place in response to the deadly virus. It’s certainly good news for the company that has lost billions of dollars since March for closing and limiting its capacity in its parks.

Disney World’s spring break boom comes just as California’s Disneyland starts gearing up to reopen its doors over a year after initially closing in 2020. Last week, the state’s health department said theme parks in the Golden State may be able to open as soon as April 1, as long as Orange County can keep its daily case count down.

Walt Disney Company CEO Bob Chapek said on Tuesday that the House of Mouse was hopeful that the California parks would be able to reopen in late April. Unlike Florida, the state’s rules will start the theme park at 15% capacity in the most restrictive phase, and visitors outside of residency in California will not be permitted to vacation in Disneyland and California Adventure at this time.

Walt Disney World and Disneyland may be an exclusive ticket at the moment, but the company does have some exciting developments underway through the year. This includes Epcot’s Ratatouille Ride opening and the highly-anticipated Avengers Campus scheduled to come to California later this year if plans go smoothly.

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