Fast And Furious Threw Some Shade At The Avengers When Asked Which Characters Would Win In A Fight

The Avengers might be Earth's Mightiest Heroes but the Fast and Furious family might be a little better when it comes to the smack talk. That's the takeaway from a recent tweet when the official Twitter account weighed in on a theoretical battle between the Avengers and Dominic Toretto and his family. While any group of mortals taking on superheroes would seem to be an unfair fight, the point is made, and it may be quite valid, that the heroes of the Fast franchise may not be normal humans really.

The tweet was originally posted asking people who would win in a battle between the heroes of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and the Fast & Furious franchise. The post went viral and fans weighed in with opinions. In the end, the winner people choose was likely just a function of which movie franchise they liked better, but then the official Twitter account for the Fast franchise decided to let its voice be heard. And it pointed out the valid fact that while Dom, Letty, and the rest might not technically be superheroes, what they can get done with just cars is still superhuman.

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It's a good point. Over the course of the franchise we've seen those cars jump onto moving boats, pull massive safes down freeways, and even divert torpedoes. And any muscle car driven by one of these characters can cause massive big rigs or buses to flip over rather than crushing them flat, which seems like the more likely result.

Whether their abilities with cars would be enough to defeat the Avengers in a straight up fight is another matter. It feels like Captain America's shield would smack them around pretty hard and that Thor's hammer wouldn't be stopped by an engine block. But then again, a lot of what happens in the Fast & Furious franchise is honestly just as unbelievable as what happens in MCU movies. So maybe that puts them all on a more level playing field than it would appear.

In the end, these sorts of entirely theoretical match ups are what makes fandom fun. Hopefully, everybody just enjoys playing the game, without taking it all too seriously. Whatever scenario you can create for why your favorite teams wins is no more right or wrong than any other.

Of course, one's opinion on who would win might be swayed in a couple months when F9 finally comes out. We've already seen some pretty impressive car-based stunts in the trailer for that film, and there are almost certainly going to be more great moments in the film itself. Perhaps, we could see Dom do something so impressive it will convince everybody he could beat Iron Man.

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Dirk Libbey
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