DC's Blue Beetle Movie Just Took A Major Step Forward

Blue Beetle charging forward, flanked by Booster Gold and Batman

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It’s still a mystery as to how the DC Comics universe will move forward with an overall plan of action. With both the Aquaman and Wonder Woman franchises acting as holdovers from the originally planned DC Extended Universe, there’s room for new heroes like Blue Beetle to join in on the fun. And now, the long-planned film adaptation of Jaime Reyes’s antics has just taken a major step forward, landing Angel Manuel Soto as its director.

This information was reported by The Wrap, as movement on the Blue Beetle solo film has made that momentous leap into action. Soto’s work as a director could recently be seen with the HBO Max original Charm City Kings, and now that film has helped catapult him into a prime directing gig on this Warner Bros / DC Comics project. Rounding out the team of talent crafting this new story is writer Gareth Dunnet-Alcocer, whose previous projects include the still developing remake of Scarface.

Here’s the part where the usual caveats come in, so grab some snacks and a drink, because it’s time to temper those expectations. Blue Beetle currently has no plot details, no casting information, and no intended release date in mind for its finished product to debut. However, we do have a new clue as to when we can expect everything to fall into place, as this report states that Blue Beetle is supposed to go into production at some point this fall.

And, of course, DC Comics fans are probably wondering if Booster Gold will somehow play a part of the proceedings. It’s a fair consideration, as he’s typically associated with the Blue Beetle series, and the two have teamed up in the past. If we were to put our superpowers where our writing goes, we’d say that Booster will be more of a sequel tease to set up Jaime Reyes’s future adventures; much like Mr. Mind showed up at the end of Shazam!

Which brings us to another question when it comes to Blue Beetle’s ultimate endgame: what side of the DC Comics Tone Spectrum will the movie land? Is Blue Beetle better suited as a super serious origin story that brings Jaime’s origins into dramatic life? Or, with his association with Booster Gold, does that mean that Mr. Reyes would be better fit to make a funnier, lighthearted adventure?

So many questions are laid out ahead of us, but Angel Manuel Soto’s hiring does mean one thing: Blue Beetle looks to be a stylish addition to the DC Comics lineup. While we’re waiting for the latest Warner Bros superhero film to get underway, the studio has plenty of movies waiting on the studio’s calendar to debut in theaters and HBO Max. So don’t forget to make sure you’re a subscriber, in the name of catching all the fun coming to an entertainment platform near you.

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