Songbird Streaming: How To Watch Alexandra Daddario's New Movie From Michael Bay

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The history books will look back on co-writer/director Adam Mason’s Songbird as a movie that truly exists thanks to hard work and ingenious thinking. The first film made during the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s an ensemble drama that shows K.J. Apa, Sofia Carson and Alexandra Daddario all navigating a fictitious future where the pandemic has continued to keep the world in lockdown for several years. With Michael Bay in the hot seat as the producer that helped Songbird take flight, fans who want to see the film are about to be able to do so more easily than ever through the power of streaming.

Where Is Songbird Available Streaming?

Previously, Songbird was exclusively a Premium Video On Demand rental. While that allowed fans to watch the film at home, it was for the premium price point of $19.99, plus tax. However, as of April 16, Songbird will be available at its new streaming home over at Hulu. So if you’re a Hulu subscriber, all you’ll have to do is open your app and enjoy the film to your heart’s content. If you’re not a subscriber though, you can still watch the film through other streaming methods.

Can I Rent Songbird On VOD?

It’s funny you should ask that, as Songbird is indeed still available for streaming through most, if not all major streaming points of retail. If you’re looking to merely rent the movie, just to see how much Alexandra Daddario you’re getting out of the deal, you can find it going for between $4.99 and $5.99. But if you’re daring enough to welcome Songbird into your digital library on a more permanent basis, between $12.99 and $16.99 will be the price pool you’ll be swimming in.

Is Songbird Available On Home Video?

Ok, we get it: if you’re reading this portion of the Songbird rundown, you’re old school and love physical media. And yes, you can obviously rent this pandemic morality play through your usual disc providers, with availability to be determined by your provider of choice. Though you can also purchase the film to own, on Blu-ray and DVD, which may be the most exciting way to watch Alexandra Daddario’s perilous plot line!

Whether you purchase the Digital, Blu-ray or DVD version of Songbird to own, part of the features package is a slew of deleted scenes, complete with commentary from co-writer/director Adam Mason. As producer Michael Bay contributed to chunks of the second unit shooting for the film, he also helped Mason trim what was once an over-two-hour movie into a lean and mean package. So there’s a possibility that Alexandra Daddario fans may see more of what was shot for her plotline in the overall web that is Songbird.

No matter how you enjoy movies, Songbird is about to become a lot easier to stream thanks to its Hulu debut. Again, April 16 is when you’ll be able to log on and enjoy love and terror in the time of a pandemic, but if you’re not willing to wait, there are other convenient ways to enjoy the ride. Once you’ve enjoyed the film for yourself, don’t forget to read up on where the ending leaves its cast of characters, as well as how Songbird was almost a Cloverfield style monster movie.

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