Hugh Jackman Owns A Special Wolverine Fork, Because Of Course

Whatever Hugh Jackman ends up doing for the rest of his life, for many, he will always be Wolverine. He played the role for nearly two decades and he did so nearly perfectly. On the plus side, Jackman seems largely ok with the fact that he'll always be associated with that role. It hasn't typecast him, he's still getting plenty of other work, and he knows he has lots of fans because of Logan. As a result, he's more than happy to keep reminding people of that role in entertaining and funny ways. And it seems that Jackman himself can't entirely forget the role, even in his own house. He has Wolverine utensils?

Hugh Jackman recently shared an image of a fork that he owns that is designed to look like Wolverine's hand, with the claws making up the tines of the fork. Also, while this is clearly a unique item, he apparently keeps it in the same drawer with the rest of silverware. I have so very many questions about this, not the least of which is, can I have one?

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The Wolverine fork is pretty awesome, that goes without saying. I'm sure any serious X-Men fan would love to eat their morning pancakes with this. Although, it does look a little small and I'm not sure how well those fork tines would stand up to use. I'm sure this meant to be decorative and not actually used, but that doesn't make me want to use it any less.

But then, if this collector's item isn't really meant to be used as a fork, that brings up the question of why this was apparently sitting in the same drawer where Hugh Jackman keeps the rest of his utensils. It feels like it belongs in a display case or a shadow box, not sitting in a drawer next to the spoons.

Based on the Logan name down the body of the fork, I would guess this was a gift given to Hugh Jackman after completing the final Wolverine movie. This might have been something given to a lot of the cast and crew, or perhaps it's something special that was only given to Jackman. Either way, there probably aren't a lot of them in the world so getting your hands on one is going to be tough.

Of course, now that we know that a Wolverine fork exists, even though getting one just like this would seem to be unlikely, i suppose it's possible that you could get one made yourself that matched this look. You could even make it a big bigger and sturdier, and order a whole set so you can eat all your meals with a Wolverine fork. I'm now upset I didn't have this idea before the first lockdown.

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