Watch Hugh Jackman Go Full On Wolverine For A Fan At His Concert

Hugh Jackman as Wolverine

For a decade Hugh Jackman was known to most people as Wolverine. He portrayed the popular Marvel Comics character in more movies that just about any character in the history of comics has even been seen. However, he has now left that role behind and focused on other things. Most specifically, he's focused on his music.

Hugh Jackman has taken a break from the big screen for the last few months to go on a world tour performing music from his popular stage and screen shows. It's about as far from Wolverine as you can imagine it being. Except when its not. It seems that Wolverine made a guest appearance at Hugh Jackman's stage show recently, and the result was pretty awesome. Check it out.

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Jackman goes full Wolverine berserker for a fan standing at the edge of the stage during one of his live shows. Thanks to @Zadjali_OIIIIIO on Twitter we have video of the video being taken. The fan is wearing his Wolverine t-shirt so he's clearly a fan of the character as well as Jackman, which is likely what inspired the actor to give him a Wolverine pose up close. The fan is losing his mind and Jackman appears to be having a blast that the guy is having such a good time.

Quick question, does wearing a Wolverine t-shirt to a Hugh Jackman show count as wearing the shirt of the band when you see them in concert?

Hugh Jackman has always come across of one of Hollywood's star's that really enjoys this aspect of celebrity. The fact that people have connected with his characters, and therefore to him, is something he seems to appreciate. Jackman is clearly digging this whole experience. He gives the guy a hug he's not expecting. Clearly, this fan is going to remember this night, probably for the rest of his life.

With his World Tour having just wrapped up, Jackman appears to be heading back to the big screen briefly. He's starring in Reminiscence from Westworld writer Lisa Joy, which is currently casting and so will likely begin shooting shortly.

Jackman has about a year to do whatever else he wants before he goes back to the stage. He's signed to play the lead in Broadway's revival of The Music Man which is set to arrive in October of 2020.

As far as where and when we'll see Wolverine again, that's anybody's guess. Marvel's new slate fort the next couple of years has been set so it will be sometime in 2022 at the earliest that we'll likely see the X-Men join the MCU. When that happens we expect to see a new actor play Wolverine, though one wonders if there is any consideration of just...not...bringing the character back. Jackman's performance was so iconic that we might all need a little more distance before we're ready to give anybody new a chance.

Dirk Libbey
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