007 Odds: How Is Rege-Jean Page Doing In The James Bond Race After Leaving Netflix's Bridgerton?

Rege-Jean Page and Phoebe Dynevor look up in the garden in Bridgerton.

Dear readers, the departure of Rege-Jean Page from the Netflix breakout drama series Bridgerton continues to keep us all guessing. Some reports say that the young actor has left because of the discomfort that comes with becoming an overnight sex symbol. But others now think that Page has left the Shondaland show to potentially pursue other gigs that begin with a B... Bond, James Bond, to be precise. Supposedly his 007 odds have just taken a rather pleasant jump.

According to a report from The Daily Mail, the news of Rege-Jean Page turning down the opportunity to return to Bridgerton happened not too long after Season 2 went into the table read phase. With a pretty hefty sum of money on the table, Page allegedly opted to build up his film career instead. That decision has Mr. Page’s odds of becoming James Bond jumping from his previous standings of 5/1 to a much more favorable 7/2.

It surely helps that Rege-Jean Page’s latest gig saw him land a role in the Netflix espionage thriller The Gray Man. While he’ll be co-starring with Chris Evans, Ryan Gosling and other members of a talented ensemble for that project, it looks like some think this is another move in the long game that could see the 31-year-old Rege-Jean Page become the next 007. Though unfortunately for Netflix, this move doesn’t see him continuing to shore up its latest smash hit on the television side of things.

This is a pretty surprising turn of events, as recent betting odds have seen a revolving door of talent shifting in and out of the top spot. At one point, people were so sure Tom Hardy had been cast as the successor to Daniel Craig’s James Bond that betting was temporarily suspended for the Venom actor. Plus, the usual suspects of Cillian Murphy and James Norton have been getting some good buzz with bookies, particularly with Murphy’s role on Peaky Blinders coming to an end after the next season.

Does his Bridgerton departure mean that Rege-Jean Page has stopped being coy about embracing his James Bond odds? Well, that’s left to be determined, as he’s still kind of cagey talking about any “B-words” other than his dearly departed launching pad. Who knows how that will change now that Page has turned in his period romance fineries and has set his sights on something more modern.

Naturally we’ll be keeping an eye on how the 007 odds progress for Rege-Jean Page, and the rest of the field, between now and the release of Daniel Craig’s big swan song, No Time To Die. Though we’ll more than likely have to wait some time after the October 8 release of the 25th James Bond film before we hear anything official about who the next 007 will be. And, of course, those odds will be changing at the drop of a bow tie, so don’t get too attached to one candidate or another.

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