After A Lengthy Hiatus, Dune’s Josh Brolin Is Back On Instagram And This Time He’s Bringing All The Positivity

Josh Brolin in famous Dune Suit

For the better part of three months, Josh Brolin ultimately decided to take a break from social media. The actor, who got in the buff to ring in the New Year and who previously had been having a swell time hyping Dune with Jason Momoa, said at the time he had decided to take a break after feeling like social media had made him “self-centered.” Now, he’s back, and his Instagram is lovelier than ever.

Social media can be a tool for a lot of different things. Outside of the occasional picture in the buff, Brolin had used his feed mostly as a mix of positivity and family stuff. That has always been one thing that had been great about Josh Brolin’s Instagram, and now that he’s back, he’s been using it to share some moments that have captured his own attention with his little ones.

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Josh Brolin was actually remarried in 2016 to Kathryn Boyd and the two have two delightful little ones at home -- Westlyn Reign and Chapel Grace. Brolin also has two adult children from his marriage to Alice Adair. His daughter, Eden, is an actress on the popular Paramount network series Yellowstone.

Josh Brolin is one of the many Marvel stars who has used social media as a tool to keep loosely connected with his MCU co-stars as well as the fanbase, but Brolin is special in that he really has his hands in a lot of high-profile pots. There’s The MCU, of course, where he plays Thanos, and then the Fox/Marvel universe, where he starred opposite Ryan Reynolds in Deadpool 2. Next up, he’ll play Gurney Halleck in Dune, which gives him even more co-stars to communicate with on the interwebs. (In fact, his co-star Jason Momoa liked the above post.)

It’s in general delightful that he’s back and sharing lovely looks at his home life such as this one.

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When Brolin left Instagram a few months ago, he shared a message about why, noting at the time, "I’m here in the desert. I woke up this morning with a very strong feeling that social media is the death of us." So, ultimately, it’s also probably a good thing that celebrities take breaks when they need it. As a tool, Instagram and the like can be great, but oftentimes it can be a place for complaints and negativity as well, so much so that some stars, including Star Wars franchise actress Daisy Ridley, have left the sphere completely.

Luckily for the fans in this case, Josh Brolin is back and in plenty of time to hopefully start hyping us for Denis Villeneuve’s Dune reboot. It’s already been pushed back previously, but we should be finally and officially seeing it in theaters later this year. (Though there has been some question regarding whether or not the flick will shift up rather than stick with its October 1 release.) And if a return to the theaters and the release of an anticipated film is not something positive to think about, I don’t what is.

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