Robert Downey Jr. And Mark Ruffalo Share Behind-The-Scenes Avengers Photos On Josh Brolin’s Birthday, But Did He Even See Them?

It’s hard to believe, but Josh Brolin turned 53 this weekend, making him one of the older Marvel stars. He’s two years younger than Robert Downey Jr and the exact same age as Mark Ruffalo, believe it or not, and his two MCU “enemies” both wished him a friendly “Happy Birthday” this week with some great behind-the-scenes shots of the making of the last couple of Avengers movies. My only question? Did he even see them?

Robert Downey Jr. shared a post of a scene Iron Man filmed with Thanos to celebrate the latest MCU birthday. Intriguingly he brought in a third film that Josh Brolin is well-known for: The Coen Brothers’ 2007 masterpiece No Country for Old Men.

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He wasn’t the only Avenger to let bygones be bygones and wish the ol’ Thanos actor a Happy Birthday either. I don’t know if Mark Ruffalo and Robert Downey Jr. coordinated in advance, but the Hulk actor also shared a behind-the-scenes photo in the green screen pajamas a lot of the actors need when shooting Marvel films. Plus, there’s a Spidey reference to boot!

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Josh Brolin, for his part, is on a social media break right now. He announced a little over a month ago that he was feeling a little icky about the cons of social media and that he was going to step back for at least a month. Well, the month mark came and went about a week ago, and Brolin hasn’t seemingly popped back online. He had noted at the time:

I’m here in the desert. I woke up this morning with a very strong feeling that social media is the death of us. So, I think there’s been some really, really good things about it. Some really wonderful things. And I’ve met incredible artists and writers and thinkers and feelers and all that. I’m so grateful to it. I was kind of late in the game getting it and maybe early in the game getting out.You feel like you have a connection with people, you feel like you have an access but it becomes very self-centered. Unreal. Because you don’t. …So, my suggestion with social media, an experiment, is to go off for a month.

Previously, Josh Brolin was having the best time sharing images in the buff and also hyping the fans for the still-impending release of his new Warner Bros. movie Dune. But as a lot of that stuff has been pushed further out, I totally get the desire to take a break.

Plus, I’m sure a lot of these social media birthday posts are more for the fanbase anyway. What I wouldn’t give to be a fly on the wall though, when Josh Brolin got actual texts and calls on his birthday. Happy 53rd bud. It doesn’t quite rank next to Thanos hitting roughly 1,000, but here’s hoping it was still a good one.

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