Steven Seagal Is Selling His House, Which Is Apparently Bulletproof. Yes, Bulletproof

Steven Seagal in Under Siege 2: Dark Territory

The housing market is quite hot right now. People, who have spent most of the last year in their homes are out looking for new places to live, and maybe that's why actor Steven Seagal has decided to put his home in Scottsdale, Arizona on the market. While it's currently listed at $3.39 million, which is going to put it out of the price range of a lot of buyers, you do get a lot for that money. It's a 12 acre property. The house has four bedrooms, a theater, a swimming pool, a spa and a three-car garage. There's a full guest quarters with kitchen, living area, and bedroom suite. Oh, and also it's bulletproof.

As a piece of news that is somehow the most bizarre, and also the most unsurprising thing about a home owned by the star of two Under Siege movies, and also more direct-to-DVD action films then you can count, KCTV reveals that the entire house includes floor to ceiling bulletproof windows. It's unclear if only the windows in the main house are bulletproof or if that feature extends to the guest house as well. I feel like this is an important question if the person who buys this house invites you to come over and stay for a while.

It's unclear exactly why Steven Seagal decided to go with bulletproof windows in his house, besides the obvious, "because I can." Although, there may actually be a connection that makes sense. Back in the early 2010's Seagal starred in a reality TV series called Steven Seagal: Lawman, where the actor, given an honorary rank of Reserve Deputy Chief, worked alongside the police department of Jefferson Parish, Louisiana. However, for the show's third, and final season, the location was moved to maricopa county Arizona, where the city of Scottsdale is located.

So perhaps Steven Seagal got bulletproof windows on his home because he was afraid his work with the police might make him a target? I mean, it makes as much sense as anything. Although, "because I can" probably makes more sense. And to be fair, I mean if you're in the market for houses in the $3 million range, are you going to buy the $3 million house that doesn't have bulletproof windows when you could buy the $3 million house that has bulletproof windows?

The connection with the show that's now been defunt for several years could also be the reason Steven Seagal is selling the Scottsdale, AZ house. He apparently has homes in Louisiana, Colorado, and Los Angeles as well, and you can only live in so many places at once. Seagal likely simply doesn't need all these houses and without the show, he may simply no longer need a house in Arizona.

Now, the questions become, who will spend more than $3 million on action movie star Steven Seagal's former residence. Will the bulletproof windows be the deciding factor? Will this house become the new lair for a James Bond villain?

Dirk Libbey
Content Producer/Theme Park Beat

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