7 Major Star Wars Groups The Movies Still Need To Include

Thrawn doing an evil smile Star Wars Rebels

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Star Wars movies are still the pinnacle of blockbuster movie entertainment, but if the past year of Star Wars television, books and comics has taught me anything, there are some areas in which it's lacking. The movies have always been apprehensive to branch too far beyond what's familiar, which has culminated in a lot of movies where the galaxy is thrown into war. Sure, movies should be the big picture, but in making everything a wartime conflict, the Skywalker Saga denied itself an opportunity to introduce audiences to some really cool stuff.

So what better time than this down period to remind the powers that be that this franchise still hasn't shown off some key species, factions and sects in a Star Wars film. The following are some of the more popular ones I think would make a splash if introduced in the movies and if nothing else, deserve to be seen by the masses. No, Grogu isn't on here, he has another article to himself.

Thrawn being regal Star Wars Rebels

The Chiss

The species Grand Admiral Thrawn is tied to may not sound all that important, but those who have read the latest books about the character know they could be major players in the Star Wars universe in time. Though he became a major mover for the Empire, Thrawn's allegiance to the Chiss Ascendancy has not wavered. Obviously we don't know exactly how long Thrawn survived into the Star Wars timeline, but if he outlasted the First Order, I would wager he and the Chiss could be the next major threat to the galaxy. Honestly though, we have no idea because this species has been largely in the shadows for some time.

The Nightsisters looking menacing

The Nightsisters

The Nightsisters of Dathomir are so far off the beaten path of what's been seen in Star Wars films, one would almost think they're out of place. And yet, it's on this planet of Force witches who wield light whips that we get the origin of Darth Maul and a stunning tale of betrayal. The Nightsisters were largely wiped out by Count Dooku and General Grievous, so the Nightsisters are more or less in survival mode as a people a couple decades before the Battle of Yavin. I'd still love to see them or Dathomir if it was possible, as well as see those crazy light whips in live-action.

Zeb hitting a wall Star Wars Rebels

The Lasat

Those who have watched Star Wars Rebels may think the Lasat are a fairly new addition to the canon, but actually, the species has been around for some time. This species has drawn a lot of comparison to the Wookiees, though the Lasat were more or less obliterated by the Empire and can speak Basic. Characters like Zeb and Jedi master Jaro Tapal have placed the Lasat in key positions in animated television and gaming, but we still haven't seen one in live-action. I think it'd be cool to see such a physically imposing species on-screen, especially considering since there haven't been a lot of physically dominant characters in Star Wars movies.

Inquisitor Star Wars Rebels


Of all the things that Star Wars has retroactively added to its Original Trilogy, it's hard to argue anything has been as great as the Inquisitors. These enforcers worked under Darth Vader and scoured the galaxy for any and all Jedi who somehow managed to escape Order 66. We've seen a number of these Inquisitors in various Star Wars media, but still, there's still a lot we don't know about them. For example, are they missing in the later years of the Galactic Civil War, or did the Empire take measures to get them out of the way? Perhaps there are factions still hiding out in space? There's so much content here a movie could address, but we still have yet to see Inquisitors make their debut on the big screen.

Bendu Star Wars Rebels

Force Entities

When you get deep into Star Wars canon, things can get weird. Force entities are examples of that, like these beasts who inherently understand and control large amounts of The Force. Such characters, while rare, absolutely add to the mystery of the Force and what the true meaning of Light and Dark means. As someone who has always been interested in the Gray Jedi lore, and the idea that one can master both sides of The Force without being evil, I'd love an entity added to Star Wars films that could really reveal what the Force is truly about. We could still learn it's all about good vs. evil, though my hope is that it's all a lot more nuanced than that.

Dark Jedi arriving in front of the Sith

The Actual Sith

While it's no longer officially canon, the Sith were more than a religious sect of dark Jedi in Star Wars. The Sith people harbored the exiled Dark Jedi, and over time intermingled and created Sith that were both Sith in species and dark Force users. To be clear, this was all previously canon, though currently, canon only recognizes the Sith Order and not the species. I personally am kind of disappointed by that decision, because it added a layer or depth to the origin of the order beyond the current "a bunch of evil people got together and created a rule that prevented them from killing each other." I'm still holding out hope the Sith species will be re-canonized, but truthfully ,they may be the least likely to ever appear in a Star Wars movie.

Bo-Katan Kryze looking smug The Mandalorian Disney+


The Mandalorians and their struggles have been chronicled extensively in Star Wars: The Clone Wars, Star Wars Rebels and The Mandalorian, but actually not that much on the big screen. It would be great to see a feature that really went in on the Battle of Mandalore or told a story of a remaining batch of Mandalorians and their quest to make a path in the world. Sure, it's cool to see adopted Mandalorians like Boba Fett and Din Djarin (who weren't actually born on Mandalore), but I'd much rather see someone who was there for the destruction of Mandalore and carries that hurt with them in a meaningful way. Maybe let's just get a Bo-Katan film?

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