After Tom Holland Goes Viral For Comments About Anthony Mackie's Falcon, The New Captain America Had An A+ Response

Anthony Mackie and Tom Holland have always had a brotherly dynamic since the pair first shared scenes in 2016's Captain America: Civil War. Through lengthy press tours, the Falcon actor often publicly made fun of the young actor for being a bit of a diva and always having “juice boxes” by his side. It was a funny bit amidst interviews shrouded in secrecy, until the Spider-Man actor got him back in a big way in 2018 by roasting him for not having a Falcon movie. Years later, Mackie has the upper hand again as the star of Captain America 4.

Following news of the upcoming Marvel project being reported right as Sam Wilson took the shield in the season finale of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, fans could not help but remember Holland’s diss. Now even Anthony Mackie is joining in on the fun on Twitter:

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Ha! I guess he didn’t forget. Anthony Mackie’s rank in the MCU just got a major upgrade now that he has become the new Captain America. During Avengers: Endgame, Chris Evans’ elderly Steve Rogers handed the honor over to Sam Wilson. On Disney+, Marvel explored Sam's journey to accepting the shield and taking on the mantle alongside the hero’s best friend, Sebastian Stan’s Bucky Barnes.

The Falcon roast happened during Ace Comic Con in 2018 when Tom Holland learned that Anthony Mackie had not seen his movie Spider-Man: Homecoming. To playfully get back at him for not supporting his Spidey flick, he joked about not seeing his Falcon movie because it didn’t even exist. Now the actor has played his role as Falcon in six Marvel films, starred in his own TV show and will be the star of a Captain America movie reportedly being developed by Falcon and the Winter Soldier showrunner Malcolm Spellman.

Tom Holland, on the other hand, has starred in a total of five Marvel movies, with his third Spidey project, Spider-Man: No Way Home, set to come out this December. They are both doing well for themselves in the MCU, and in their own quippy ways, I think they are supporting each other? We just can’t wait for the day when Holland and Mackie team up again for the big screen.

The fourth Captain America film is in very early development considering Anthony Mackie apparently learned about the news after we did during a grocery store visit. Tom Holland’s Spider-Man has always been an Iron Man kid, and considering their differing ideologies, it makes sense the two might butt heads. Still, these different matchups between actors, heroes and villains is why we loved the MCU so much.

The next Marvel film on the roster is Black Widow, which comes to theaters on July 9, and over on Disney+, the Loki TV series will be premiering on June 11. Check out the full upcoming Marvel lineup here on CinemaBlend.

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