Rebel Wilson Opens Up About Fertility Issues After Turning 40 And Focusing On ‘Year Of Health’

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Rebel Wilson has been on a magical journey over the past year. She’s called it her “Year of Health” and she’s spent time honing herself both mentally and physically. At the end of that long, hard road to putting in the work and getting to the goals she'd set, she dropped around 60 lbs and has generally seemed upbeat about what the future holds. However, this week the actress opened up about a new struggle: dealing with infertility issues after her 40th birthday.

In a new post, Rebel Wilson opened up about feeling a little bit down following learning about infertility issues. Other celebrities, including Jillian Bell, sent their love and positive thoughts her way in the comments on the Instagram post.

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The Pitch Perfect actress has spoken out only recently about turning 40 last year and being at a really busy place in her career. Not only is she hosting the reality show Pooch Perfect, she also has three movies coming up, one of which, The Almond & The Seahorse, just wrapped filming this weekend. (Wilson herself has shared some body positivity images from the set in recent days.) Unfortunately, when one part of your life becomes a priority sometimes that does impact other aspects of your life and Rebel Wilson has been candid about deciding to freeze her eggs and more over the past year as time passes quickly.

It was in December of last year that Rebel Wilson revealed that she’d chosen to freeze her eggs, saying at the time she may have left it a little too late. She said at the time it’s “better to do it a bit earlier if you can.” Now months later, she’s updating her fanbase about the trials she is facing after waiting to try and grow her family.

Sharing a struggle such as infertility can be a difficult thing to do, particularly if you are a public figure. In Rebel Wilson’s case, she chose not to share that burden on her own. The move should hopefully keep people from asking her impolite questions (as has happened for celebrities like Jennifer Garner who are seemingly constantly being asked if they are pregnant). Hopefully, the Internet will bring her the positivity she needs while she’s going through it.

Obviously, infertility issues are not the hoped for end result to a person's journey, but overall, I hope Rebel Wilson has taken a lot of good out of the past year. Her weight loss and fitness milestones have been momentous and she has a lot of forward momentum in her career. She’s developed healthy new eating habits. She worked on her mental health by taking a break from social media. That may not be comforting when a person is facing bad news, but as Wilson herself noted, hopefully there are brighter days ahead.

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